Knocked for 6 (16 or 60!)


Night before last Lea and I went to bed feeling slightly under the weather, had a fitful night. By the morning we were both feeling rough and add headaches for both of us

Then the diarrhoea & vomiting started.

We are both somewhat better today 24 to 36 hours later. Lea much improved. I am improved too but yesterday was unbelievable. The worst fatigue I have had at any time. Crushing; It was difficult even to lie in bed, difficult to collapse on the sofa with a quilt over me

I had to get up early today to meet a roofer who’s going to do some repairs, the effort to raise my leg into my trousers was too much. I had to use a hand - which is tough when only one of them cuz then I couldn’t hold the trousers.

I’m now sitting at the kitchen table trying to catch up with what I missed on here but with a very little energy at least it’s easier than trying to move :frowning:

I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this yet - it’s the first time I’ve been ill since the stroke and it was very remarkable how hard it was/is enduring being ill - a whole foundational level of resilience was missing

I suspected the stroke would have some lingering effects that would only be revealed when I was tested and this test has shown I had underestimated the effects thank goodness it was mainly a 24-hour bug but I think it’s going to be 48 or 72 before I’m back to my new slow normal :frowning:



@SimonInEdinburgh hope you’re feeling better now! There is something going round at the moment and luckily it sounds you’ve got the lesser version as my wife is still ill


Thanks Gareth
Good job we moved Wednesday to Friday! Cos I’m not back to normal yet

Wish Natalie well please and look after her plenty of juice even though it doesn’t stay where you put it

I had a piece of toaster marmalade yesterday evening with two paracetamol and I must say that that helped a lot

I’ve also got some aphasia information but I won’t post it at the moment.



Wishing you a swift recovery, Simon
Sounds like a nasty tummy bug.

ciao, Roland


Sounds grim, hope you are feeling a little better now. Effects of stroke definitely raise their ugly head when another illness strikes. We dont bounce back like we used to.


Here’s hoping you Get well soon Simon


Sorry to hear you have both been feeling unwell. Hope you will be feeling better soon :slightly_smiling_face:.

Get well soon

Regards Sue


Hope you’re both feeling much better soon. Many people report feeling worse when they get a bug after a stroke. Keep yourself as hydrated as you can & rest up till you feel loads bette4. The fatigue may well linger when your other symptoms have gone x


I’m just about to take him out some juice as he’s spent several hours in the garden.
He just can sit around, he has to be doing something :roll_eyes:
But at least food is staying down, which is more information than you need🙈

Lea :heart:


I hope you are both feeling better very soon. Probably NZ whine. Just kidding. Get as much good rest as you are able and plenty of liquids.


Very happy to report that we are both feeling much better today .

Lea was well enough to go into the pottery yesterday and make more of her buttons I’ll ask her to post a picture :slight_smile:

I felt well enough yesterday to work in the garden although I did have an comfortable tummy that appears to have normalised today

Everyone for good wishes

It was remarkable how the bug and stroke symptoms combined to make me feel really awful. I noticed that my arm is suffering more spasticity today than normal and it was yesterday so I think there are some lingering elements still to fully ebb away

Hope to see folk at the zoom cafe this afternoon :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell but glad to hear you are both on the mend!! Take it easy! Xx


Thnx :slight_smile:

Lea appears to be completely back to normal & I’m mostly getting there but it was grim. What I’m experiencing now is mostly extra awareness of strokey symptoms such as spasticity.

Should be ok in time for the weekend :slight_smile:

Enjoy yours :blush:


I’m sorry to hear you we’re both so ill @SimonInEdinburgh and @BakersBunny :people_hugging: :people_hugging: It floors you for many days after regardless of stroke…bit like me with covid before Christmas. And thank goodness it was nothing more, that bug has been going around for a while now, as they do :roll_eyes: So glad to see you back onboard :smile:


Hi Simon
Recently had the shingles vaccine and have been knocked for 6.
Exhausted for 3 weeks, so understand how you are feeling.
Hopefully you get better soon
Lots of love


I saw this was 7 days ago, so hope you are back to your normal or feeling a lot better.
As a matter of interest did you take a Covid test as the symptoms you detailed, could be that.
Difficulty now a days is that norovirus, influenza, bug and Covid all have similar symptoms.
The only henefit ( if you can call it that) is there isca test for Covid.


Hi @Al59

We are both fully back to our new normals :slight_smile: thank you very much for your concern.

I was aware that covid sometimes manifests with stomach disturbance but neither of us had any of the other indications no flu like symptoms, no respiratory effects and lea recovered in 24 hours to her normal bouncy simlie self :slight_smile:

I was much slower to recover and suffered more in the interim but was ok after 72 hours.

We do you have some tests on the bookshelf & take them when indicated :slight_smile: