Knitting/crochet aids

I had my stroke in December and I have still not regained movement in my left hand or arm.

I was crocheting a scarf before my stroke and spent £30 on wool, and I'd like to finish it!

Does anybody know of an aid I could use to tension the wool in place of my left hand, so I can crochet with my right hand?

I have a knitting aid which holds the left hand needle rigid.

Jane, did you manage to find anything to enable you to finish your scarf?

This lady Support group helps stroke survivor keep on knitting | Blog | Let's Knit Magazine
uses a vice. is a specially designed aid, quite pricey at £89, but if you love to knit may be worth it.

It’s not!

Like JaneG56 i had a stroke in 2014 which left me in the same position but loved knitting rather than crochet but somehow i have managed to knit again but slightly different. I am slower than before & hold my needles differently but am now knitting, it’s the sewing up i struggle with. I returned to my craft group (which involves more sewing) so far with help i can cut out patterns and sew but if i get into difficulty one of the ladies helps. If you find an aid to help you crochet i would love to give it a go.