Kids - Grr!

Anyone have any ideas how to stop kids constantly throwing their ball in our garden.  I caught them today climbing over my garden wall because the gate was locked.  I lock it to keep people out so I am safe through the day when home alone. They said they climbed over because I didn't answer the door - they didn't give me chance to get to it.  It's really upset me today, it's only a little thing but it's a daily occurrence and worse in the holidays.  Now i'm wondering how many times have they climbed over before when I have been out.  My hubby says to put anti climb spikes on but I don't want a war with the neighbours.

The trouble with kids today is there is no parental control they think they can do anything theylike . My children in the 60s were brought up to respect other peoples property . Thats how it used  to be not any more I am very sorry for you. Norma.

Very true.  I wouldn't dare do a fraction of what kids do as a matter of course these days when I was their age.  We were always taught to respect our elders and don't answer back. If you say anything to kids now, they give you a mouthful of obscenities and make your life a misery.  Thing is, if you tell their parents, the kids do even worse things.  

Unfortunately I believe you have to be very careful when using any sort of spikes along a fence or wall, in terms of legal action if someone injures themselves. Ridiculous I know but just a heads up. I'd suggest using high plants or shrubs...specifically holly or pyracantha.

It's SUCH a tricky one Brenda, and you do have to be careful - I think spikes might prove problematic  ? !!  Although, I remember walking past walls with a layer of cement on top, sprinkled with glass shards - don't you just love the deterrents of the 60s & 70s ?‍♀️??

It's difficult to give any meaningful advice, without knowing your relationship with the neighbours and what their response might be.  We were once staying on a campsite, and there were a few families there, with groups of children on bikes, playing ball games etc.  One of the other campers threatened to run over the bikes with his car and flatten them - needless to say, the kids gave him quite a lot of jip!  We just smiled at the bikers, and said how much we liked their "Minecraft" hoodies, ? and they were as good as gold!!  ?‍♀️ It's completely unpredictable - I tend to favour a 'charm offensive', over confrontation, but you just have to pick the right moment, and catch them being good!!!  

I realise that it can be scary and intimidating, I think there's a chocolate advert on TV, where an elderly gentlemen keeps throwing a ball back for the children, then one day they bring him a big bar of chocolate as a peace offering!!  Make sure you let them know what your favourite chocolate would be!!!  Very best of luck ? xxxx

I did think of sticking rough sandpaper on top of the wall so it hurts hands and knees if she tries again!  It's a wall about 4ft high from the driveside and about 3ft high at my side but it is built up to the kitchen window. The spikes I've seen are for stopping cats and made of plastic so not lethal but prickly. I think she caught me on a bad day yesterday :( Lockdown is starting to get me down a bit. I keep trying to look on the bright side - at least the gym is opening on 12 April and I've got my hair and my facial booked too!  YAY!

We all have a breaking point!!  We have an open driveway, and our road is very narrow, so cars, delivery vans etc, all pull up onto our drive and use it as an unofficial passing place!!!  Most of the time I don't even register it, but just occasionally, when I'm sweeping the gravel back into the drive for the umpteenth time, I feel like putting up a notice with a few choice words on it!!!  

Enjoy your gym and facial - but not at the same time!!  ?? xx