Just wondering if anyone else is taking Keppra? I have been advised that I will be taking them for 6 months then it will be reviewed but if I want to drive again I have to be off them for 1year with no seizures or I can stay on them an be back driving next April which will be a year since my subarachnoid hemorrhage. Due to see the neurosurgeon in October so maybe get some more advice/information on what's best. I am terrified of having a seizure as I wasn't concsious when I had seizures so no idea what to expect.

I have been on Keppra for almost 9 months with no seizures since the day of my stroke in October. Due for EEG in a few days. Outcome from that might lead to a reduction of dose level,change to a different med or “...more aggressive treatment plan.” Very little discussion about driving again. Visual tests indicate I could be approved to drive but neuro will have the last word. By the way, I do remember the seizures and do not want to experience them again.