Keeping positive and moving on

This is my second time posting to this group. It’s been a little over a year and a half since my stroke back in April of 2022. I’ve been very fortunate in my recovery from the stroke but it’s been a long road filled with bumps and detours. I’ve tried to stay positive through it all even though at times it’s been frustrating. I’m 75 and aging has been another hurdle to overcome at the same time. Before the stroke I was active with exercise at the gym as well as playing tennis and Pickleball. My stroke effected the right side of my body including my arm and leg. I was fortunate in that the stroke didn’t affect my speech, vision or thought process. I went through six weeks of rehabilitation which helped a lot and encouraged me to continue with my recovery. At the time it felt as though I would never get back to where I was before the stroke but I never gave up and had a great support group of family and friends. Therapists and doctors also contributed greatly to my recovery. Four months after my stroke I was able to get back on the tennis court but that struggle was just beginning and it was very slow. My movements were slow and unsteady so I had to be very careful to avoid falling and creating more problems. In those early days I did have a number of falls resulting in bruises but luckily no broken bones. My endurance during this time was also a problem because I got tired and had to cut short my tennis. I continued on with this routine of playing tennis hoping that repetition of my movements and relying on my playing instincts from the past to help get better each time. Eventually it worked and I was able to make better movements but still encountered times when my movements were unsteady. I think going through these repeated sessions pushed my recovery to a new level which affected my overall recovery. Now I am able to play tennis with friends and participate in tennis drills classes at a public tennis center. Pickleball was another tool that I used to help with my recovery. This sport also requires movement similar to tennis but not as physically demanding as tennis. I am to play Pickleball with friends and neighbors as well as take part in pickleball drill sessions. I feel my recovery is as complete as I feel it will get. I still have times where my walking can be unsteady especially since I do have feeling of being drunk which is something I will have to live with from now on. I am very lucky and give thanks for all the help along the way including my faith which has uplifted my spirits. I also give thanks for this support group which has provided inspiration for me.


@Jhawk235 what a great positive post to read. It sounds like you have been doing really well and I bet it feels really good to be able to do those activities that you previously enjoyed.

Thank you for sharing and I hope that drunk feeling eventually goes for you too.


It’s so good to read such a positive, uplifting post and what an inspiration you now are for others just coming to terms with their strokes. Onwards and Upwards, lets keep the positives coming :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :smile:

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Thanks for sharing the tale of your journey

Very inspiring


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Thank you for sharing your positive road to recovery. It’s very inspiring to read and I’m shre it will be helpful to many just starting their journey.

Keep up the good work.

Regards Sue


Wow. I cant imagine playing pickelball or tennis at this point, although I do swim, and walk fairly well and am finally relearning to do two or three things at once, such as hold a cup of coffee and my Chromebook as I walk outside or around the house during a Zoom meeting. Never thought that would happen again.

What truly stood out for me was that feeling of being drunk all the time. I try to explain it that way as well. I don’t see well due to Downbeat Nastygmas and Oscillipsia (my eyes don’t move correctly and my brain does not trust what my eyes see). I don’t drive because of it, and find going places outside of home quite hard due to noise, lights, patterns, movement. I try to get out but finding rides is very hard.

I hope that drunk feeling goes away for you and me both. I am very happy to hear you have learned to live with it. At over two years in, I am just beginning to accept it.

Thank you for popping in with the update. I hope you will stick around to share some of the other things that have helped you in recovery, acceptance, etc…


Excellent…I love pickleball and tennis. I have a long way to go, to play them again.
Thanks for sharing.

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Recovering from my stroke of 4 months ago I too am plotting a way back to a previous activity that had played a significant part in my life, golf. I have been lucky enough to find that my sight, which initially was poor with peripheral and double vision problems, has recovered to the point where I have been cleared to drive again. The main obstacle is energy level and fatigue. I


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I can only manage 1 main task a day before fatigue kicks in. I am planning a visit to the local driving range once the weather clears and will take it from there. At the moment my wife has very kindly fixed up a chipping range in the hall with plastic golf balls and add to this daily excercise makes me optimistic of stretching my endurance levels.
I too experience daily dizziness akin to being slightly drunk, or walking wearing flippers. It starts about an hour after rising, peaks at lunch time and subsides mid evening. Perversely, it only affects me when standing.