Keep safe

Hello Everyone,

I know this is a difficult time for us survivors but we will beat this virus by taking care of ourselves as only we can do that, no one can do it for us.

I am still working thankfully as I work in the care sector and am closely monitored at work and home so feel looked after but still have to take care. Having a good spring clean at home as have the weekend off so thought that would be a good idea to keep me busy. It's amazing what chores you can find to occupy your days. If I overdo it I can have a rest.

So I wish you all the best and take care




Hi Sandie

Yes, it's a difficult time for all of us. The shops are bare - whilst there are some people who are panic buying (they must be there at 0600!) I've never seen any in our stores. By 7.30am, the shelves are bare so I think a lot of blame lies at the management who can't be ordering enough to cope with demand. Hens are still laying eggs, fruit and veg is still growing in the fields, cows still need milking everyday so where's the food?  

I'm in isolation at the moment as I have a chest infection so doctor quarantined me for a week so I don't catch anything worse! I've being doing bits and bobs of spring cleaning too as it's an ideal opportunity till next Weds when I'm released into the world again!  Having said that, there may not be many places left to go! 

As you say, eat as well as you can, rest plenty and open the windows to let the sunshine in and hopefully we will all stay safe. x




Food shouldn't be a problem like you say. Where I work i look after 5 girls and there are 14 residents so you can imagine the shopping list for that. But at least I get to eat on shift so that massively helps. It's a shame some have a selfish attitude to life. But while they are rampageing through the stores us sensible folk are keeping safe at home. 

Take care.