Just want to say Happy Christmas!

..to everyone on here. I've had a rubbish couple of months but today will probably be the last occasion I'll have time to post because it's pretty manic from hereon in at my end till after the New Year.  I've had painful dental problems which are half sorted but still not right but will do till after the New Year and I'm still attending the Chiropractor with my 'good' leg.  He has sorted out the numbness in my foot but I still can't sit down for more than 10 mins before my leg goes completely numb too. I'm hoping when I go tomorrow he will use his magic so that I can actually sit down to eat my Christmas dinner!  He has worked wonders on my stroke leg though and got rid of a lot of the tightness in the muscles.

To top it all, my oven packed in last night so we had a mad dash to Currys to sort that out and that should be arriving on Friday.  I suppose it could have been worse if it had happened next Tuesday Eeekkkk!  

Anyway, I hope you all have a good Christmas and someone up there waves his magic wand over us all and brings us some better health in 2019.  Best wishes to you all and take care! - Brenda x

Hi Brenda,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.?☃️ 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed  that your health issues get sorted soon.?‍♀️?‍♀️

Have a fab New Year!???

Kay x

Thanks Kay.  Have a good 'un too x

? Happy Christmas! ?

And to you Rick!  Not sure how this ended up under 'Helpful Technology' but not to worry.  I still can't figure out this site since it changed!

A few years ago our oven blew on Christmas Day... just as the turkey had cooked. I had to do the roasts on the top and juggle the veg and pigs ?

Merry Christmas ? to all, stay well and let’s hope for a better 2019

sandy x

Thank you for making the point that you cant follow this site. Deffo "me too".

I am concerned that recently stroking patients, probably with only 20% of their previous computer skills, will make a post and no one will notice. Or they will be partially lost in an odd string. 

Task for our SA team for 2019. Reinstate the old forum.


I agree.  Have a Merry Christmas and a fab New Year ???? x

Oh God - I would have been distraught!  As you can see, I'm up with the larks as it is arriving between 0700 and 1100!

I agree. We have struggled for a couple of months now and maybe the SA team should make a New Year's resolution to bring back the old Community Board and get rid of all the confusing sub sections. It's cluttered, confusing, everything ends up in the wrong place and has no 'flow' to it at all. Basically, it's too much like hard work especially when you don't feel great.  But that aside, have a great Christmas Colin! xx