Just shows anyone can have a stroke

Wouldn’t normally share the sun but Man City and England goalkeeper Ellie Roebuck reveals she suffered a stroke


Unfortunately we are an ever growing gang.
All I can say is be there for the new guys.
Like us they won’t know what hit them.
There’s a new one in the U.K. every five minutes.
Enough to boggle any brain.

keep on keepin’ on
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Hi Bobbi
I came across an NHS document for pain management which used stroke association data from 2013.
That SA data indicated 142,000 a year with 92,000 survivors or one every 3.7 seconds.
Google also suggests higher recent UK figures, 136,000 in 21/22.

The 100,000 figure is widely used, it appeared for UK stroke day. No one seems to be able to agree on exactly how many there are.

30% of survivors are thought to make a full recovery. I didn’t expect that high figure. 60,000 people are left disabled each year.

The GOV web pages from 2018 suggest 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime. Other sites suggesting 1 in 4. Is this due to increased life expectancy…

Regrettably many more will join us…


From nobody to no one.

The results of a stroke are often disablement of some kind, a real bummer. Fear, terror even, that things could slide into something worse, without any actual understanding of what is happening. A very real and horrible feeling of isolation, with a certainty that there is no one who can feel or understand what it is you are going through.

All in all, it is an experience not to be recommended.

At this point, after quite a while, I’m two years into this unhappy state of affairs. You begin to find some stability, to realise there are lots of others living in the same circumstances and you begin to find ways to cope. It is worth meeting up and engaging with your new peers, you can support and encourage one another.

You are not alone, there is good reason for hope.

I haven’t any cure to offer but those of us who are here have found that improvement and some sort of a future is almost guaranteed for all of us. I feel that by reaching out we can raise the bar and improve the prospects for each and every one of us.

Self esteem is something that stroke quickly demolishes, but the answer is to be positive. Give praise and encouragement to others. It all builds up. From small steps big journeys can be accomplished. We must share our energy, there are many of us, that is a heck of a lot of power.

We can make this work for us.

A small clue and a little hope will move us forward, together, one step at a time.

keep on keepin’ on

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On a personal note, we have finally had a wet room fitted. The builders have gone. I have cut and trimmed my hair and beard, plus had a refreshing shower. I still need all the help and support my wife provides but I feel so much better.

I hope there is some extra bit of happiness gonna find its way into your life soon. Oh, I mustn’t forget those who care. May they too get a good dollop of joy. They definitely deserve it.


Hi Bobbie, wet room, very envious. Beard & haircut, my wife & clippers, excellent finish. After stroke, beard, easier option, but struggle, using trimmer myself. (Something about, looking in mirror & turning my head!)
Wet room, is floor tiled, door or curtain, is water contained in shower? Bit nosey, did you pay , how much, who fitted & were you pleased, any problems.
I see adverts for various firms, but also negative reviews.
Good speaking David.


@David3 it is early days, there were a few minor niggles which have since been sorted.

An occupational therapist helped to organise things.

The flooring is wall to wall non-slip material. The shower has a sort of waist high gated area with shower curtains. The walls are tiled from floor to ceiling.

The builders took longer than they originally estimated. They were polite and considerate but we are glad they are gone leaving us back in charge of things again.

If you are planning and paying for yourself I think it would be a good idea to see something already set up to get I better idea of what you want. .

I’m using a barber’s electric clipper. I more or less lost use of my right hand so have to do the job left handed. It is awkward but I can just about get a decent result. I really needed hair and beard trimmed so it was great to get it done.

I use a 2 on the beard 4 on the sides and 6 and 8 over the top. The clipper very quickly paid for itself by money saved on barber’s bills, plus it is convenient and quick. I watched a few YouTube videos to get hints and instructions, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.