Just found out I've suffered 2 strokes that I didn't know about

Hi, I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else?? I'm 31 and have been back and forward to doctor for 7 years for my left leg. (Pain and weakness) it was only this year i was reffered to othapidics who found nothing so sent me to nuerology, who have told me I've suffered 2 strokes!! And that's what's wrong with my leg. Im still in shock as I only found out 3 days ago, sorry for going on. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I feel I've no one to talk to 

Dear Pickle

There have been others who have posted on the forum. They have also had strokes and not known about it. Not a common problem but certainlyy not unique.

Strokes (or to be exact stroking) is often brief. For instance when a clot cuts off oxygen but is then shoved clear by the heart pumping blood through. I have a strong heart and this happened for me. But boy I knew all about the stroke as soon as I woke up.

Then the medical side is again brief. Once BP and pulse etc have calmed down then the doctors will often discharge you. In my case just five days.

Then the difficult part starts. Recovery from the effects. Now I guess you have joined the majority of us at this stage. "Left or right sided weakness". "Post stroke tiredness" are two common diagnosis. The actual stroke will be something like "Ischemic Right lacunar infarct". It would be good if you could actually persuade the medics to give a written diagnosis, then you could start to work away at recovery. Your GP staff may be able to help regarding this written diagnosis.

Perhaps you should read the SA leaflets on stroke. They are very good. Usually avaiable at your GP surgery. Or at the hospital stroke unit. You would then begin to understand what has gone on. And how you have lived through a stroke. Many do not survive and you have. Clearly life has a lot more for you to do.

Please try to envisage that your leg is not damaged (well not by the stroke) its "just" the messaging system that is defective.

Many of us have worked away at persuading our brains to get the leg moving properly. Our brains might be damaged but our brains are amazing and will build alternative pathways around the damaged bits for a leg to work again. I think this is neuroplasticity.

I do hope that is the limit to your stroke damage. If all other muscles work OK then thats good. If however you have other issues then at least you will know why. Tiredness is the most common.

There are lots of us on here who are keen to chat. Many of us are struggling with how this new forum works and we need patience because we are brain damaged. But we are here. You are not alone. Please note that you are young and thus recovery is likely to be quicker. However stroke is not just for the elderly, all ages get bitten.




Hi Pickle, this happened to me, i had a stroke this year in June and when i had my mri scan i was told i had already had a stroke within 2 year and i never knew about it, i had been having trouble with my left leg for about that time and had been to the docs who sent me for xrays and all came back good (although i couldn't walk far and some days i would have a slight limp) i also remember coming back from the shops and my mouth was built up with saliva which lasted months for me. I only found out when i had my stroke in June of this year i am attending physio for the left hand side of my body and my fingers shake when i try to pick things up its like my pinky finger and the one next to it has a mind of its own, i am getting there slowly and taking each day at a time, i am 56yr young, i hope the above makes sense. 

Hello, yes, when I was admitted and had an MRI scan, they showed me the results and it shows I  had had 2 previous strokes. I hadnt been to the doctors for many many years, but looking back, I can recall exactly when they were, but didnt know it at the time. Both times I was out working and I had to pull over and park up as my vision went blurry and I had headaches and strange sensations in my arms.I didnt even consider stroke, just that I felt strange and had to rest/sleep. So I did, after an hours rest, I felt well enough to drive again and continued with my day, although I didnt feel well. This happened twice within the space of a month and then the 3rd time, I collapsed at home alone. This was the big one. Hindsight and all that, I wish I had acted on the 2 warning episodes, but sadly I just carried on like most blokes do. Not been the same since. 

Thank you for responding, I am seeing my neurologist next week to chat things through as I was told over the phone. 

Thank you for responding, I am pretty sure I suffered mines during or straight after child birth. I've had 2 kids, 1 is 7 and the other is 4. And my leg started as soon as I had my first, I'm seeing the neurologist next week, as I was told over the phone. 

Thank you for replying, it makes me feel a little more at ease hearing that I'm not alone. Thank you 

This information I've been given still doesn't feel real, I still can't sink it in I'm a stroke survivor twice. I kinda feel like a fraud. If that makes sense