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You can post in here

Hello John, I’m so glad you’ve managed to join the new forum. I would have missed your advice and your friendship. I hope Colin manages to join. Hope you are keeping well.

Hello John, welcome back.

I’m not too bad Ann. Still going to my exercise classes and having my daily walks. Still having my nap at noon too. My highlight of the week was getting a new NHS hearing aid. It can link my iPad to my hearing aids so I am now wired for sound


Thanks Rups. Yet another new format to get used to.

Wow isn’t technology fabulous, who’d have thought you could get a hearing aid that can link up to an iPad. It’s good to have you on here, it’s a bit confusing at times but I’m sure we’ll get used to it. Hope Colin manages to come on board.
Stroke groups are starting again which is great, so many people have found lockdown very isolating. Ours started a couple of weeks ago and it was great to see everyone looking so well.

Best wishes

HelloHello I hope I’ve got on ok and doing it right


Hello Pippy , we are all learning how to navigate the new site. If you go to the home page there is a reference to a webinar ( not sure how it works) on Monday which might help us. Think it’s all a bit trial and error. It’s good to see more of us joining.
Best wishes

It’s great to see that people have made it here. I do like the appearance of the new forum and it’s far easier to identify new posts.

Hi John , hearing aid , nhs . I am at present attempting to get newer version . Bit like this site , VERY DIFFICULT. GP , told me to deal with spec savers, can not talk on telephone, & not getting straight forward answers . Can not manage batteries, hopping rechargeable , tinnitus prob , therefore hopping could, connect to tablet ? Gp thinks should be ok . Spec savers say on nhs basic battery version only , would not be improvement on old ones ! Any advise ? Hope I can find reply. Thanks David.

Hi David. Mine are NHS supplied by the hospital. Have just buggered up my connection, but they are very high tech.

Could you not get tested by the anHS?

Hi pippy finally got on to this new site it’s harder them the old one or is it just me how are u hope all is going well kind regards des

Hi John, Poss , back to nhs . Interested to know make & model , adjust various yourself ? Rechargeable ? Connect to tv ? Your opinion ? Have basic nhs set . Bit of drama for me to have fitted :joy: , not out partying at present ! Thanks David.

David. The make is Oticon. I got the impression anyone in Worcestershire will be tested and get the new ones. The aids are Bluetooth and linked to the iPad. They do seem to interfere with the Wi-Fi. However I can adjust the sound level from the iPad. Still getting used to them.

Thanks John . Are they Oticon Engage ? I think poss new out , could I connect to tv , batteries or rechargeable ? I know you are not sales rep ,but difficult to get advise elsewhere.
Managed to fit my seventh grab rail yesterday, SECURELY, so I can swing from one to other, bit like an orang utan monkey ! On my bad days. Feeling of achievement, is good , but bed rest today . Good talking David.

They are a Oticon, but that’s all I know. They run on the same batteries as the old hearing aids, but earpiece more secure. Had my ears tested originally by Worcestershire audiology and can pick up free batteries at our hospital. They also service the hearing aids. I think my doctors practice referred me in the first instance. At my last service visit they said they wouldn’t service the old ones as I was due a hearing test and we were all getting the new ones.

John , good speaking & THANKS ,David .

@John_Jeff_Maynard I don’t know if you know this already, but if it’s easier for you to get to, you can collect batteries from Specsavers. My dad gets his there, as it’s nearer than the hospital.