Joining a new group

So I joined a local walking group today. Something I would never have considered prestroke, as I was always out running, walking, working but I miss people and honestly, what was the worst thing that could happen? It was a beautiful morning and I needed to do a shop in the local village where it starts. Found myself justifying the logic behind turning up. Feel the fear and do it any way and all that. Any how, it was good :grin:. I was probably the youngest there but people were welcoming and I think I’ll definitely try another one. It’s actually easier meeting people who didn’t know me before because they have no shock or sadness comparing me to the old me. So anyone thinking of doing something new my message is give it a try. Be prepared that it may not be for you, but there’s only one way to find out. Not wanting to sound preachy but quietly encouraging. There is a whole sadly long list of things I can’t do since the stroke but this isn’t on it.


Well done Julia! It is too easy to sit thinking about all we cannot do rather than try what we can. When I went to mt first exercise class, I needed my stick and couldn’t tackle some things at all. Four years on I can pretty much keep up with the others although still find it hard to do arms and legs together. Meeting others is a pleasure too. Newcomers mostly assume I have a hip problem, but who cares.


Good on you doing something positive you break the cycle of being in a rut prove there life after stroke make new friends and also good for mental health


@JuliaH well done on trying something new. Sounds like it went really well. I’ve always enjoyed walking and definitely want to get back to it as soon as I can. Pleased it went well for you and hope you get to go again soon. xx


Well done Julia, Reading your post really gave me some inspiration, You see :eyes: I would like to strengthen my left side and thought that swimming 🏊‍♂ would be a good exercise, the problem is my mobility,I started enquiring around and our local Council do a ‘be well’ scheme and the stroke association also work with the Council to aid people with a disability,they will get in the water with you and work with you. I have also joined the stroke’think ahead ’ team . They have a variety of different activities to do. I Just thought that I would share this with you all.
Keep safe :pray: and think positive thoughts :sparkles:.


Hi Julia,
I so agree with you and it is so hard to take risks.

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Hi Ingo66,
I really get your post as Ithink you meant work, as its my big problem now, I work full time from home, but I am tired by end of day and by end of week, totally done in. I am trying to find the elusive balance between work, exercise, doing things I like to do (sewing). So I never have time to do everything, everything does take so long, folding washing, should take me few minutes, takes ages. Recovery seems to take so long.

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Nicely done @JuliaH, mingling with people can be a great way to distract the brain, sometimes, I wish there were local stroke survivor drop-in centres just because having set times for socialising can be challenging when each day is so different from the last.