Joe from Torquay

hello ladies and gentlemen, not sure if any of the folk remember me from the old forum. Joe,35 year old plasterer from Torquay. 15 months post stroke now, back at work full time... still rebuilding my life after a sudden stroke at home in 2017. Just trying to navigate my way around this new set up!

Hi Joe. Yes you are remembered. So good to see you back at work. You hit a low point in the beginning, but look to have crackedit.

John from Kidderminster. Had a stroke in 2016 after being threatened by a schizophrenic. Probably waiting to happen, but that was the trigger. I don’t blame anyone and accepted the stroke quite early on. Early days were a battle, but I made it and an still fighting on. In a civil partnership with Chris, who has been my rock and never lets me wallow in self pity. We have been together for 40 years and the stroke devastated him as much as it did me. Wish I was 100% whole, but I exercise regular, cook, bake and make jam and chutney. Wish I could go on country walks again, but we are currently planning a trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Forty years ago I walked up Snowdon, but that would be probably beyond me, even if I were fit as I am 74 years young.

Hi John!

I work at the Bromsgrove office and I still haven't met you (I don't think!). I'll come down to the stroke group soon to try and introduce myself to you!

Vicki :) 

Welcome back Joe! :) 

Thank you

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Thank you

Hi jo I’m also 15months post stroke I just preparing myself to go back to work one of my jobs was in a school the other was transporting disabled children to and from school due to my limitations I can no longer forfill my role in the school because my left arm and hand are still not functional but in May I got back on the road with an adapted car which I am so thankful for ,I am now being supported by remploy who will hopefully  arranged an adapted car that will be for work use only so I can go back to my driving job this time last year I was an emotional empty shell in the mornings after Iv showered and dress I sit like a lost lamb I miss the rush rush of getting up shower dress and go to work I really can’t wait to get back out there good luck to joe

sara xx

Never say never John I live in Wales and before my stroke I always wanted to clim pen y fan and get photos at the top but I was always to busy working or off doing something else after suffering my stoke march 2017 with my left side paralysed I was introduced to a lovely man who runs a charity called survivors of stroke Wales he funded me to attend an Arni institute brain gym in the October each session is £40 he funded me to have 10 sessions my arm was always across my body with a clenched hand there was no range of movement with my arm at all but with in a few months the range of movement grew but my arm still wasn’t working functionally so then the charity funded me more sessions for me so this reach £800 that the charity had very kindly funded me I wanted to do something to give it back so I told the instructors up at the arini institute brain gym I wanted to climb pen y fan to raise money to give back to the charity so it would go to help someone else my instructors were shocked at what I wanted to do but for many wks they worked on my weak foot and weak leg to get it stronger we had 2 months to get my leg stronger and work on my balance it was hard work for us all but I managed to do the climb even though it took my 9 hrs to complete I raised £600 I was so pleased and felt very proud handing the cheque over it took me 4hrs to go up and 5hrs to get down there were lots of tears up and down but I did it .. it is something I would never put myself through again but who knows once my foot and leg are even stronger there may be a possibility to do it again this time beating my time of 9hrs if you have a goal you want to achieve and it’s safe to do so then prepare yourself what ever age or limitations you have believe in yourself and give it a try at leased u will know you have tried to do it 

I have many videos of my rehabilitation on you tube 

SaraRuth stroke recovery 2017-2018

Well done! I do carry on fighting to improve and find exercise a great help. I have come a long way since my stroke two years ago and, who knows, I might scale a mountain yet.

Congratulations on 40 years together heart - having a long-term relationship does help when you have to meet serious, life changing events.  We experience the flip-side of each others' condition and it's bloomin' hard, I just don't know how people manage without a significant amount of emotional and loving support. You both have to get to know the 'new' aspects of a previously familiar life.  We've just celebrated our 36th anniversary, (the first one since my husband's stroke August 2017) - I have to say, it was somewhat different to the previous 35, but probably even more precious in many ways, as at the time, I thought I might lose him.

We walked up Snowden many years ago, and I swore that if I ever did it again it would be by  train  -  so, I have everything crossed for you to make that journey, and to treasure the memories it will provide.  Thank you for all your contributions, take care xx

Thank you. May your futures together be bright.