No, not the electrical saws but the plain cardboard or wooden  kind.


2 reasons:

if you can only use one hand, you can while away hours doing them and be proud of the end result.

if, however, you’ve limited movement in one hand, they are great therapy: start with children’s wooden ones (if you can find them), large piece children’s jigsaws and eventually the regular pieces of very large jigsaws, using your affected hand.

Keep persevering and you will see improvements.

The best therapies come from hobbies!


i second that, i will try that good idea

I agree. I love doing jigsaws and have just completed a 3D one- my first ever. It was fiddly and took me a long time but i'm so pleased. My grandchildren love it and want to do one with me now. 

Completely agree with this. I find lego to help, recently completed central perk from friends found it so therapeutic also