Jabs x

Had both flu and cold jabs today if I feel I’ll tomorrow

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I am having COVID jab on Thursday. I usually have very tender arm for 24 hours but I can cope with that. It’s much better than getting full blown Covid!

My partner and I had both last Saturday. I was fine but my partner I’ll for a day.

i had both on Friday, still i cant touch my arms, especially the covid one. and since last night legs our feeling lifeless.
hope you feel nothing but please take paracetamol if you can.

Hi @Loshy
At the moment I’m thinking I don’t want to have the Covid top up or the ‘flu jab - just a bit scared post-stroke about putting such strong meds into my body.


I had Moderna Spikevax last Thursday (my 4th Covid jab). No major worries but I did have tender upper arm for 3 days. I also had some cold like symptoms (mild), aching joints (mild) and fatigue (mild/moderate) for 3-4 days topside.
I went on the government website and these symtoms were all mentioned as ‘common’. The thing to remember is that some mild symptons are far, far better than having the disease if I was not protected.
An efficacy rating of 94% was noted for the Moderna as opposed to the Pfizer at 92%.
I previously had 3x Pfizer jabs. The side effects of those were a bit less than the Moderna.

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The AZ jab is not recommended for me because I take Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate) which is an anticoagulant medication. My GP ruled out the AZ jab. They cleared me to have Pfizer and Moderna Spikevax.

Due to have mine on 10th - have had Phizer ones before (three of them). Don’t know what we’ll be having this time. I am apprehensive but in general am an adviocate of immunisation after the death of my unvaccinated nephew from Measles some years ago. Have stocked up on the paracetamol and hope it goes OK

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Had my flu and covid jabs never felt so bad stated my emergency pack