Its hot

Do not know about everyone else but this heat is making my fatguie a bit worse and I hear over the week it’s going to get even hotter what joy lol


Yes Des never liked hot weather and last few days been a trial. Only two top windows open , saps me but tonight bit of a breaze when I struggled out to water my runner beans.

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Ditto --Always didn’t like heat, but since my stroke it really knocks me for a loop. :sunny: :crazy_face:

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I’m lucky in that I can’t get up the stairs. The heat goes straight up there so my wife tells me and it stays comfortably cool down here in my room, that probably won’t be an advantage in winter though.

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I too am struggling with the heat. It’s nice to see the sun but a couple degrees cooler would be good …Never happy are we :blush: thankfully I too sleep downstairs. The insulation in our house makes the upstairs unbearable :tired_face:

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I’m afraid the impact of heart is worse after stroke. It kills my appetite too. Strangely enough, I sleep quite well, but have a fan in the room

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We have one of those big fans on a stand upstairs which does give relief from the heat but then there’s the noise. What was that Mrs5k was saying about never happy ?

I’ve always eaten less in the summer heat, it’s salad weather as far as I’m concerned. Cold drinks with ice.

Shwmae @Des_murphy, I’m not a fan of sweltering hot days (see what I just did there? :woozy_face:). It makes me sluggish, increases my symptoms, and I can’t sleep properly which is devastating for someone who already has insomnia. But on the bright side (oh, so many puns to be had), the garden glistens and the bees are merry. I do grumble about it but I am to believe it’s endemic to the national psyche.


Dear Des. I fortunately love the heat and luckily don’t have problems. Today it is cloudy with a little rain here in the North West. Lilian


You must be in the wrong bit of the North West, Lilian. It’s cloudy but dry here in this bit, apart from a puddle in the road outside that the birds all come to, to meet their mates, have a cooling bath, a drink and an occasional paddle. Its been there for days.
Now I’ve said all that , of course, the heavens will open and there will be the thunder and lightening that hot weather always brings. :smiley:
I am such a cheery soul ! !

Very hot and dry in sunny south gardens suffering only just an inch of rain in June .visited a garden yesterday and many shrubs sulking and hanging heads

Today has been overcast with some glorious wet stuff falling from the sky. Still balmy though. I made this foraged chilled tonic. Meadowsweet, pineapple weed, and self-heal.

U house and garden look big and grand good on u

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Garden is big but after stroke and TIAs a mighty challenge, house is ramshackle rather than grand. :joy:

Another ditto. Following my stroke last September I’ve had to put up with having dizzy spells from time to time. Whether this is due to the stroke itself or a side effect of the medication I’m on I’m not sure (I’d reckon it’s probably the latter) . But it is getting much worse in the hot weather. I’ve had to just sit down on the pavement to recover several times now. People are very kind but it has stopped me going out at all at the moment.

This has been the first hot spell since my stroke two months ago and I’ve certainly noticed that so don’t feel very good today. Not feeling like eating either.

I went out for a long (for me) walk as it was quite breezy near the water. Not sure it did me any good but it broke the day up.

Let’s hope it cools down a little thru’ the night. :crescent_moon: