Itchy skin

Hi there.Does anyone suffer from very itchy

skin.When I  am tired it gets worse!!



Yes i get itchy skin. Mine is a red skin with light yellow small spots.. my GP, who has been very good about the plethora of problems, actually said he didnt know what it was. Blood tests and a specialist if it gets worse. Mine is heat related. 


Thank you so much for replying.Stroke is such fun.Lol.!!

Thank you for replying. I am on Statin and other medical.

Such a joy this stroke lark LOL!!


Especially on my left calf, when I get tired.

It started when I went on to BP meds.

Just started to use a salve called "Skin Stuff" - early days but seems to be helping


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Is the clinic in Singapore that you link to relevant to stroke?