feel lonely as i cant get to do the things i used to do, family are too far and freinds are going on holiday have family with them, hubby isnt as social as me, finding it hard

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@tricia3 sorry to hear you’re feeling lonely. Its horrible not being able to do all those things you used to do. I was feeling a bit lonely so I signed up for the Stroke Association online activities. These are online sessions with other Stroke survivors & you can join as many or as few as you want. If you want more details then email

They also offer a here for you service. See link. Where you can talk to someone about how you’re feeling & just a general chat.

And of course this forum is a great place to reach out when you need to.

Hope you’re OK & the above is some help xxx

thanks :smiley: :raised_hands:t3: :fist_left:t3: :facepunch:t3: :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tricia. Sorry to hear that. Alas, it goes with the territory. Stroke limits our ability to do what we did and Covid has changed or cut many friendship ties. I won’t suggest anything, but I find our garden a great consolation and try and phone old friends when I can without being too persistent. I hope you cheer up soon.

Sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely. I have made friends with a stroke survivor like me and regularly message her on this site . Perhaps you could do the same. Love Lilian xx

thanks. i have two good freinds here,one lives down the road, she did pick up runner beans this morning, but she has daughter here at moment and coudnt stayher dropped off some wanots as she lives on a farm,not walked tat far yet, the other lives in next village on her own,but dont feel lonely

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i still feel lonely as family are too far freinds are doing things, feeling isolated, went for walk for 40 minutes, but hubby dont need people


Hi there. I am sorry you still feel lonely. You have done well to walk for forty minutes! You deserve a medal in my book. You must not feel lonely with many friends on the site. How old are you and what are your interests? Love Lilian xx

75 neary 76 writing. countryside just feel tearful and lonely, i have put poem on the tearful section, my family are in essex and i am in somerset,i dont see people as they always busy and doing things

feel lonely today as everyone indoors, no one on line. ts too hot,

@tricia3 sorry you’re feeling lonely today. Weekends are always difficult. It is really warm today & makes doing things really difficult. I’m hiding in my lounge trying to stay cool…with little success. Watching the triathlon & just watching them doing the swim has cooled me down. The water looked lovely :grin:

my son text and said they went to snowdona to day and wil be going home at four back to tamworth, then he will pick me up from nr glocester when hubby drives me there, on thursday

Aww I bet it’ll be lovely to see him on Thursday. Weather meant to be a bit cooler too. It’ll be here before you know it x

i only saw him in may,but then i had stroke on the 8th after we left him to go to sufolk

If you’ve not seen him since your stroke I’m sure it’ll be great to get together. Enjoy your time with him.

So glad you’re going to see your son on Thursday I’m sure that will perk you up :blush:

he left at 4 and his now home 710. from port madoc to tamworth, hope he dont drive that fast with me in car

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yes i have seen him end of july, he came for two nights did an hours walk about eight but had o sit down, along he foot path all over grown, few people out some runnng. cycling, walking. did write a few notes

Well done on your walk. I can only walk very short distances at the minute. Have an appointment tomorrow to see if they can do anything for my gammy leg. I’m hoping so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: hope you have an OK day today. Fatigue has hit me today so quiet one for me. Pleased to hear you wrote some notes too xx

hope you have a successful doc visit, i am tired, i struggle to sort the computer out,documents and pictures are all over place

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