Isn't life odd

2 years ago today I came home the stroke rehab unit post my stroke. Monday just gone I mentioned this mile stone to my husband. Very sadly

 my husband passed away in another part of the same rehab unit this morning.

He had a very long spell of failing health. I took the phone call this morning from the nurse caring for my husband last night, who was the same nurse who cared for the night before I was discharged 

Finally when I was allowed home after my stroke my husband had been admitted to hospital 3 days before. I was alone at home for a month before he was well enough to be discharged. How strange is life?

I am so sorry to read your post this morning and send you my deepest condolences. It's an awful time with this virus and makes it so hard to grieve. I hope you have someone there with you Kay but know we are all here for you.

Sending you much love.


Dear Kay

So sorry to hear abut your husband.

You have been so kind towards many on this forum.

My prayers, best wishes and love are pouring down the internet this morning.


Hello Kay

How sad I was to hear your news. Life is hard and odd. There are many, many readers who don’t know you personally but who, from the unique situation that they find themselves living in, have shared some of your last few years. When your loss is shared with these friends then I’m sure they will moved in a similar way. As well as the support from your online friends here, I hope you also have the help and practical support you need to get through these difficult times. Pat x

Kay, Very sorry to hear your sad news. My thoughts are with you.

Many thanks your very kind

That a lovely way to think of things. I'll and keep it in mind x

Dear Colin,

So kind of you to think of me especially when you've had such a lot on your own plate


Thank you so much Ann. Nobody here but me. I value all the online support an encouragement this site gives. There's no one who can be with me. But like a lot of people I have friends and family who phone etc as often as they can. x

Kay, I am really sorry about the death of your husband. With my deepest condolence. Ruby 

Kay - my heartfelt sympathies to you at this sad time.  I know that none of us 'know' each other but we have grown to form our own friendships along the way thanks to this wonderful site.  Thinking of you - Brenda x

Thank you so much for kind words 

Thank you

Kay, so sorry to hear about your husband,thoughts are with you ,take care x


So very sorry for the loss of your husband.

I hope you have people around you that will be able to help you.

Love Julie.