Is what Im feeling normal for post stroke?

I am 45 years old, suffered with a silent migraine two years ago, my left hand has had a tremor ever since. An MRI was carried out and they found an abnormality in my brain which was unexplained. Then in January this year I suffered numerous TIAs before having a full stroke. My right leg/hand/arm/face has been affected and my speech is still very slurred. Every task is do is a struggle and I simply cant go an hour without feeling awful. Everything tingles, even my tongue and I have restless legs at night. My Dr thinks I shouldnt feel this tired and my neurologist said there is a possibility that I may have CADASIL (hereditary stroke disorder, unfortunately there is no treatment) due to abnormalities in my brain.  I am waiting for an appointment with a gene specialist. I am just so confused because I cant even think about going back to work and everytime I get a headache I think there is something more happening. Does anyone know of anyone with CADASIL?