Is this normal?

My husband suffered a small bleed on his brain whilst we were on holiday.  As traumatic as it was the support and medical care we received was amazing.  Since being home it has been a little more frustrating getting him into our system.  Having seen a consultant (another appointment due next week) he is recovering well.  We have been told this comes under the umbrella of a 'stroke' but it isnt a full stroke, he has been left with none of the obvious after effects of a stroke but is suffering from really odd things like muscle spasms in his back at the bottom and at the side, his muscles in the tops of his arms and across his shoulders are very tight and he finds them painful at times to move, has anyone else experienced this, and is this a normal thing to happen??  He has a sleep during the day most days but has progressed a lot since returning home.  Any advise and reassurance would be most welcome.  Thanks Gill

Dear Gill 

Sorry to hear of husbands situation. I havent come across a small stroke. TIAs yes. But in my book a stroke zaps a part of our brain and that shows up on an MRi scan. "Infarct" in medical jargon.

I would want clarification of what is meant by "umbrella of a stroke". Then you can get a better idea of what to expect. 

We are not medics, just people who have suffered strokes or are stroke carers.

I do hope he has escaped without an infarct. 

Best wishes


Hi Gill, I had a bleed stroke two and a half years ago. I have had tightness across the left should since. I also still get occasional muscle spasms and involuntary leg movements. I have had post stroke fatigue for two years as well and have to have an hour’s bed rest every day. As Colin says, there is no small stroke. Do check with a doctor.



Thank you both for your comments we will ask more questions when we see the consultant on Wednesday.