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Sorry if this topic has been done before but I'm new to the community. I have just "celebrated" the second anniversary of my stroke. After the stroke the therapists told me it takes 2 years to recover from a stroke and then that's the best I can be. Are they right? Is there no more recovery?

I disagree. Obviously you improve fastest in the first few months but although progress slows down it can go on for many years. I am two years post stroke and go to three exercise classes a week. I noticed this last few weeks that my weak arm and hand are now much more stable and that I am now doing a few new things automatically. However, you have to put in to get back.

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Stroke affects people in different ways which makes it difficult to predict the amount of time recovery will take. Recovery rates differ for many reasons, for example, the area of the brain that has been damaged and your health before the stroke. The most recovery after stroke tends to happen within the first few weeks and months, but you it is very possible to still make progress for a long time after your stroke. It may be slower, but it does happen.

Please do get in touch with our Stroke Helpline if you need any more advice about this though. The Helpline is open Monday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm. The Helpline number is 0303 30 33 100.

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Thank you for asking this as 17 months post stroke O am still very dependent on carers and others despite my best efforts.Ok it was discovered that I had had 2 previous strokes and I had Fibromyalgia already but I read of people back at work and going to the gym and I get annoyed with myself that I should be doing better. My husband is very ill and frail so I do like to be with him but feel I really should be doing more.I can make a cup of tea and use my trolley to bring it over to our seats but that is it.Does anyone else feel similar?

hi i am 8 years since my stroke i go to the gym 5 times a week  i fight it i will not allow it to beat me you have to lister to your body i use to walk down the lane when i first had my stroke it used to take 45 mins to half way down i had to stop half to rest now i can do the full road and back in 40 mins but you have to be careful and always carry a phone for any emergencies my motto is never say never you should also think about going to a stroke group the members all have good ideals and meeting other stroke survivors will be beneficial as you will see how other survivors cope with different situation and how to adapt to do things differently i say you can do most things you did before but it will taken twice as long and you may have to change the way you do things thanks bob