Is this a good sign?

Or am i clutching at straws? I posted on Jan 7th looking for a hopeful answer regarding my mum’s situation after she suffered a stroke on the 1st. Today is the 10th & she is now being moved from the main hospital to the one that specialises in stroke recovery. Now, it may will be that it’s simply because a bed is available, however, i’m kind of hoping that just the fact they feel they can move her is a cause for hope? Please be gentle with any bad news, i’m quite fragile & really want my mum to make it.

Hi Ian , I am probably one of the least medically knowledgeable people on here ? I tend to just get on , with things. But can share my exceptional care I received, at Worcester hospital, 2.5 years ago. Like your mum started in main hospital ward , very hectic, traumatic & upsetting. Then moved to stroke ward , for me this was a great improvement. This seemed a definite step, forward. Slightly reassuring to be amongst similar patients & calmer environment. Lucky to have visitors, but mostly wanted to rest & gather my thoughts. Best wishes to you & mum . David.

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I think its a positive sign. Specialists in stroke recovery will be the best people to help her recovery.

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Thankyou David for sharing your story, it really does help me

Thankyou for helping me feel positive

This is a very positive sign. It means her health is stable and she can now start rehab. What she does need is determination. The first thing I had to learn to do is stand and then sit in a chair. After that it was strengthening leg muscles and walking on a frame. I had intensive physio in hospital, six weeks support at home and then once a week for a year in my rehab hospital. She will, at some point, go on a home visit to see what adjustments will need to be made to help her e.g. seat in shower. As David says, there is a calmer atmosphere on rehab wards and lots of support.


Thankyou, that has helped me a lot, my stress levels are through the roof right now, & yourself & everyone else on here are helping so much.