Is there a way to edit an old but still alive thread?

I have a thread I created some time ago. I can no longer edit title or tags. It is regularly used and popular today.
I would like to edit and add the ‘Fun and Games’ tag.

There are in fact four threads I have in mind. They are all in the General category.

They are:
FORUM GAMES - Animal, Bird, Creature
FORUM GAMES - Fruit and other Foodstuffs
FORUM GAMES - Place Names

Can anything be done?


Hey Bobbi!

No problem, I’ve now included the “fun-and-games” tag to all four of the forum games you mentioned. Let me know if there are any others you’d like me to amend/include.

You also mentioned that you can’t edit the titles or tags anymore, I take it this something you were able to do before? I can check with Clement on this detail. :slight_smile:


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As they are your own posts and you are a Regular, I would have thought you could…unless there was a glitch in forum update yesterday.


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@CommunityAdmin @EmeraldEyes

Thanks for the speedy attention and helpful comments. Love the owls, btw.

After a thread has been on the Forum for some time, but I’m not sure how long, the ability to edit title and also first post, becomes locked. I think individual posts may be locked after a timed period too.

It would be interesting to know at what point this occurs,

Basically, when this happens, the pencil icon EmmeraldEyes indicates at the title disappears together with the pencil ‘Edit’ icon at the foot of a post.

Clement probably knows. It could well be something that can be set for an adjustable period. I’m guessing but I know there are restrictions on who can do what and where, so there must be someone with unrestricted access to all functions and areas.

Anyhow, thanks for sorting that for me @CommunityAdmin, there could be something elsewhere but right now I don’t recall anything, I’ll message if I find something.

Thanks again to you both, I appreciate your attention and of course if there’s anything I can do . . .

Keep on keepin’ on
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Thanks for sharing this @EmeraldEyes, as Admins we have a different view of the forum, so its good to see how it looks your end! @Bobbi I can raise it with Clement and get back to you. Could just be a flick of a switch, or as EmeraldEyes mentioned, a forum update glitch. Either way, I check in on it, thanks both! :slight_smile:


This is what I see.

1. Older thread with no editing ability (pencils gone)

2. Newer thread editing still possible (pencils available)

After time pencil disappears, not sure how long.
Generally I’m okay with things as they are, it was only in this case I wanted a change.
Thanks for looking this over,
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Sorry for coming to the party late @Bobbi. There is a setting that times out when you can edit a post but I’ve removed that restriction for trust level 2 and above.
Let me know how you get on,


That will be useful (in rare circumstances)



Thanks for looking into that Clement.
It is all good now.

Just hide those big red buttons from me,
I’m not to be trusted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My ‘Screenshot’ is actually a link to this forum page.

This is what happens when I press the emoji button and try to use it.

I am using Brave Browser in a Linux operating system. All has been fine until this bug appeared.

At this point I reloaded the page and can continue editing but the emoji button still freezes the page.

I have included a screen shot of the appearance of the bug pop up that is invoked.
(see below)

keep on keepin’ on
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(below - workaround - used colon to include emojis as seen on line above)