Is the shoulder heat the after effects of a Stroke

Dear Forum members, I am pleased to join the forum rather belatedly because I received the link from one of the volunteers here in Harrow, London just over 2 months ago.

I travelled to my sisters funeral in Africa shortly before Christmas 2019. After the burial on 13/12/ 2019 started feeling breathless. My attempts to travel back to UK failed as on 14/12 I was admitted in a local hospital. Drs claimed I had water in my lungs and had suffered pnuemonia. Was discharged 2 days later and on 17/01 as I was preparing to go for my plane that afternoon, I fainted at the dining table. Missed that nights flight to London as I was admitted in another hospital who said this was due to having DVT (a clot) in my heart which had stopped blood supply from flowing normally to the brain and as such the brain had suffered a mild stroke. For another 10 days I stayed in a local hospital on loads of medication, scans, and was discharged end of December 19.

I flew back into UK early January and after consultation with my GP was referred to a local hospital where I was admitted in the Stroke ward for 2 weeks and got discharged on 17/01/2020. On Monday 20/01, I reported back to my fulltime job as an office based financial adviser within a Housing Group.

The purpose of sharing this story is that I still have full control of my limbs but the right side feels a bit numb especially I dont feel hot water when I am washing up.

In the past few days I feel a lot of heat in the right shoulder and the upper bit of my arm but when I place my left hand on the shoulder it feels very cold.

I just wanted to know if any of you feel the same and would want to share their experience. I have noticed my sleeping patterns have also changed since we are all doing self isolation staying at home all the time. I simply wont sleep until around 5am in the morning for briefly 2 - 3 hours and yet I used to enjoy my sleep very well before taking a shower to get into office by 8am.

Welcome to the forum.

I dont have similar issues, but I would mention that sleep is the first thing to correct. Whilst sleep remains poor the other issues will play havoc. 

I think you got home just in time.

I lived in Harrow most of my life. Moved away about 8 years ago. Another coincidence ..the stroke got me 13/12/2015 !

Best wishes


Hi Saga.

I don't have your symptoms of warmth, but I think you can tie most new things that you find different to your stroke. I had mine just over a year ago and I am still finding things that are different. 


Thanks for responding to my post Julie, you are right I think I will have to live with different things in my health since the Stroke attack.

Thanks Colin for responding to my post. Its true sleeping problems could be the source of my current problems