Is it possible ? - deleted post

To find out why a post of mine has been deleted ?
Without feedback I can’t know what was considered unacceptable.


I have asked the admin if they can provide you some feedback. I’m not able to see your deleted post so can’t offer any feedback. It’s the weekend now though so not sure if they’ll get the message until after the weekend.


Thank you.
It’s a bit disconcerting as you question yourself if you ever sent it.
This one took a good while to write and was a private message. If it happens automatically due to words within a message, it might need a rethink ?

My guess and that’s all it is, is I mentioned someone close had di ed. Feels a bit odd at age 56 that I can’t talk about such things here with someone whose thoughts I value.


This is typical of the misadministration. And a private message of yours! Move it to WhatsApp :frowning: I have long experienced this is not a safe platform

Although it’s slightly comforting to find that other people of getting targeted as well as I have been.

if we were Twitter & making inappropriate comments I might understand but we’re not, we’re a small community of people with brain injury. The members [not distant folk in their ivory tower who don’t listen and have the power to stomp on us, change the user interface without consultation, provide no mechanism for conversation, claim consultation but never actually engage in it etc] do understand and show appropriate tolerance.

we don’t have an admin who understands despite multiple attempts at outreach so we can start to explain. A community this community should be moderated by its members that’s what TL3 and TL4 in the design of discourse are intended to be

I’ve been trying, I think for best part of 2 years so I don’t expect any ears to get sprouted :frowning:


A private message deleted by Admin ? What on Earth next ?


@Nigelglos we’ll have to wait for confirmation of what has happened but I know there are some watch words built in that might stop a post appearing. I’d be surprised if talking about someone who has passed away would trigger that though. It is usually swear words that would flag it.

Hopefully someone will let you know what’s happened on Monday as they don’t work weekends.

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Yeh I did use WhatsApp in the end.
A reply I sent to Bobbi suggesting that the 100k a year figure he and the SA quote for strokes in the UK was actually under actual also vanished.
A quick Google suggests it’s 120-140k.

In 2013 the SA was quoted in an NHS paper with a much higher figure. 142k of which 52k people didn’t make it and 65% out of around 90k are left disabled. 5% develop cpsp. 80% of people with cpsp will have no medicinal benefit…I am not alone it seems.

Maybe these figures include TIAs as it states around 30% make a full recovery.

As a community I would hope we could discuss many things, not always the nicest. That’s what supporting each other means for me. It’s tough at times,bad things happen. No abusive posts, none of the worst swearing (if it’s about the pain clinic that’s an exception). All the usual caveats.
Should each post have an accompanying single button to highlight to admin where it’s contains abuse or something distasteful i.e we can police it ourselves? Especially for private messages ?
Don’t have really wide ranging blanket exclusions ?

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I did read your reply about those statistics, without going into details I am no expert in these matters, figures and statistics , I mean. Whatever the figures the message is the same.

. . . as far as I can see your post is still there. I don’t know what is going on, but you won’t get an admin reply because it is weekend.

There is nothing untoward about your post in my opinion, here it is:

I would imagine it is there for anyone to see. It certainly doesn’t seem to have vanished.

I’m sure @Mrs5K has done what she can and will notify those who need to know when they are available.

I know there is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction on this forum, but despite this my experience has been a good one. On the occasions where things were not ideal I have been given a chance to put forward my viewpoint and things as a result were resolved fairly and also to my satisfaction.

On the subject of dissatisfaction I think it is something tainting proceedings here. I would by far prefer a clearing of the air and efforts all round to enable working together to improve our lot.

Surely there is no one here staff or client who does not want to support those disadvantaged by stroke.

As for ‘pollcing’ this forum I would say that the ‘authority’ who provide, finance and maintain it would naturally exert control over it.

I hope you find whatever it is that you seek. I won’t have any more to say on the matter so I’ll just wish you to

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:

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I wonder if I was looking in the wrong place Bobbi but I can see it now.

I can also see my private message.

All a bit weird, perhaps it’s me and not weird at all.


No worries @Nigelglos

The only concern I have is how hastily complaints, criticism and this overall aura of dissatisfaction is stirred up.

I still hold that kicking up a stink is improving nobody’s lot.

You’d think someone has an axe to grind. I would prefer to play nice.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:

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@Nigelglos @Bobbi I raised this with admin but not until after working hours on fri so won’t be seen till Mon.

Am i right in thinking the post(s) are now visible in the places they are meant to be?

It is possible that a post might need to be approved before it shows on the forum…perhaps a word in it causes the algorithm to flag it. It also automatically flags something that it considers has been typed too quick…if you for say so have typed it elsewhere & copied it into the forum. This is to make sure a ‘bot’ hasn’t typed it.

@Nigelglos there is an option against each post for it to be individually flagged by members of the community. You can find it by pressing on the three dots at the bottom of each post.

My access to flagged posts changed when the updates took place so I can’t see what has happened. There could be many reasons for it.

Have a good weekend.

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Another possibility to add to yours Ann is, anybody can accidentally hit the Flag button in the course of scrolling or when going to hit the Like button, particularly on mobile phone; just another reason why I really prefer using a computer with keyboard and mouse :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Ann, yes it’s there. No need for admin now.
Is the idea the post is removed if I select the flag icon until approved ?

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@Nigelglos i have messaged admin again to say it is resolved. I have though asked them if they can see what happened in case the system did something it shouldn’t which could then be corrected.

If you flag a post, say for example because you found it offensive, it gets placed in a queue for review and gets hidden until it has been reviewed. If flag is accepted the post will be deleted. If rejected it will reappear.

As this issue has now been resolved I will close off the topic for commebts. Hope that’s ok.

Have a good Sunday.