Irregular Heart Beat

Hello Everyone,

I got a letter from the hospital the other day, I’ve got to go along and have an ultrasound scan of my heart, which involves taking a recording of the hearts structure and function.The tests last for around 30 mins (so I’ve been informed). I was wondering whether anyone else on this site has ever been through any of these procedures? Is this normal practice for an irregular heart beat?

slightly worried 


Hello Brugge, John has an irregular heartbeat but has never had this procedure. V

My husband had arrhythmia & eventually had a mitral valve replacement (which I believe was the cause of the stroke, 3 weeks post-surgery).  He had various tests, including ultrasound.  It's non-invasive, painless and you can watch the screen which is a good distraction.  Try not to worry.

Take care x

(We had a fabulous time in Brugges by the way ?)

Thank you for your reply to my post Veronica. I must admit that’s why I’m getting slightly worried, in case there might be something else? I’ll keep you and everyone else informed in my next post.


Hello NicABella,

Thank you for your reply to my post. I’m a little apprehensive in case they find something else or just to see how my medication is controlling things? I’m pleased you had a good time in Begium, there’s a lot to see and do, you did the right thing by staying there for a few days. I’ll have to go back for the Christmas Market soon.

Brugge x

If you have got an irregular ❤️beat you want to know about it, that's the first step to rectifying it.  See as a positive, lots of people are walking around with things going wrong that they don't know about, at least after this you'll know what shape your ❤️ is in.  

Hope you get away for C'mas x

Thank you. I’m out in Spain at the moment. Had wonderful assistance at both Newcastle and Malaga but able to keep up with your news. Hope all goes well. Hugs, V&J 

Thanks Veronica, hope you and John have a great time out there.

Brugge x