Hi my name is Laura, I am from USA.  I have been a survivor since 2014.  Even though there are some improvements, I still deal with anxiety. And insomnia.  I do drive but it takes everything out of me to shower, get ready to go.  And most of the time I dont want to go when I am ready to go. I think this covid has intensified my anxiety 100%. I hope this group accepts me, as the USA doesnt seem to have the support groups like the UK has...

Welcome, we accept everyone. I think therev are a few other americans on here. There is a thread currently on anxiety where you might find some tips.  Remember there will be a time difference for responses.


Hi Laura. Of course we accept you. Covid probably affects a lot of us. We are already anxious because of stroke, so any additional issue adds to the tension. Whenever I feel low, I try to relax myself. We cannot alter the circumstances we find ourselves in, but we can remain strong and support each other. Welcome to our group.

Hi Laura.  I'm Jeanne.  I had a stroke 2 years ago.  I'm in the USA too, California.  I didn't know where this group was based.  Now I know.  Everyone has been so kind. The responses here have been very helpful to me.   Seems  like a lot of us struggle with sleep, anxiety and lack of energy, too.   I saw a psychologist for a few weeks and it really helped.  Also, I gave up all caffein.  CBD oil has helped me a lot with anxiety as well.   If you have questions just ask and if we can, we'll try to  help with ideas from our own experience.  Love, Jeanne

Hi Laura, this is an excellent site, so many generous and knowledgable people ready to share their stories and experiences.  You will find good support and encouragement, always someone to listen and understand what you are going through.  

I think anxiety and fatigue is a common experience for stroke survivors, regardless of any other factors.  Hopefully now you have found this site, you will feel that you have a group of friends who've shared an experience, you know that you are  not alone because there are others who understand.  

Take good care, and we all look forward to hearing you ? 

Dear Laura

A stroke got mew late 2015. Lucky me, i got fast physical recovery but the stroke fatigue (SF) has been a big issue. 
I realized that a good nights sleep was very important.

So i worked away month after month until i got the 7.5 hrs that I need. That was the platform from which i could get recovery.

relaxation classes and seated yoga were excellent helps.And i use a little machine referred to as a tinnitus relaxer. It plays babbling brook or crashing waves etc etc overlaying white noise. It can turn off after 40 minutes. Cost in the region of £35. 

I now have no SF and i am building myself back to a semblance of what i used to be. Not the same, too much brain damage for that, but i can enjoy a half day digging the garden etc. Sheer joy.

best wishes


Hi Laura, welcome to the group. The group was very helpful when I needed it. I suffered a brain heamhorage in 2015 a week after child birth. I still suffer from fatigue and get anxious. Covid also increased my anxiety  was difficult having to go back to work in a hospital after our sheilding ended. I feel like condirions like ours doesn't get recognised as we look fine but the impacts on our daily activities is huge. 

Hi Laura

welcome to the stroke forum. Its good to hear from someone in the USA. I am based in Oxford and 6 months on from a right sided stroke which I have found very frustrating after being very active before! Having to deal with it during the Covid is worse but I suppose you could say having had the stroke I couldnt go anywhere anyway! Try not feel too anxious and do the breathing exercises it helps. I am back to driving on short journeys but find it relaxing to just have a litle drive through the country. I hope you can possible link up with some groups inyour area eventually or maybe link onto a zoom meeting. I dont know if you have family but they do help. I  read a lot too so this might help. Ive just started learning Calligraphy to help improve the use of my writing and strength in right hand. We are always here for a chat if you feel down or cant sleep. Best wishes to you. Rita