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Hi Folks,

Am new here, signed up awhile ago but haven’t been to active at this site.

Have not had a stroke myself, but know some folks who have.

Last year did some work for someone who had recovered from a stroke several years ago, he is doing well but we did have some challenges communicating.

I am originally from Washington State in America, but have traveled to the U.K. a few times. May be able to emigrate to Europe one day, or maybe go there for a grad degree.

Did study abroad in The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy for undergrad degree with the University of Washington, which has a partnership with the University of Amsterdam where I studied Art History. Have minor degrees in Art History (focus 17th century Dutch art) and Architecture, major is in ceramic/glass fine art.

Am 32 years old now, main focus for this year is marketing to establish new construction + building design/engineering company here in the U.S. + Canada.

About strokes did go through basic medic training when I was younger but didn’t practice much medicine before deciding to go to university.

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:



Ahoy, Simon @SimonInEdinburgh !!

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Hi & welcome @Michael4

Maybe you’ll be able to share some of your experience with stroke in time.



Always lots to talk about.