Introduction to me

HiI'm Lynne I had my stroke on the 3rd March this year. I had a bleed on the right hsnd side of my brain imost of my day t has left me with no feeling in my left arm, hand or leg. So I have no mobility and spend most of my day sat in my wheelchair. I was lucky I had no loss of speech or cognitive functions.

hello iv just read your message and felt I needed to reply

my partner had his stroke 26th february this year

his was a right side bleed brought on by AF 

he has full left side weakness and is either in his chair or bed

he has physio 3 times a week and works hard at it,we don’t yet know if he’ll be able to walk by himself at some point but he won’t give up 

Like you he’ll not give up 

you’ll soon get a lot of help and advice from some lovely people on this site...I can only say it’s helped to talk to others who know what your going through

Welcome to the site.  Like you I had my stroke in March of this year.  I also had a bleed type stroke and was paralysed down my right side for the first 6 weeks. But since then I have made good progress and I'm able to walk with a combination of a wheeled rollator frame and two walking sticks. 

I have learnt loads from the more experienced contributers to this site.  I have also found invaluable support when I have needed it.

I'm sure you will find the same. It's a great place to ask even the daftest of questions or just vent your anger in a safe way. 

Kind Regards 


Hi Ballard, My Stroke was on March 26, 2016and also a right side bleed. I started off unable to stand or walk, but did not loose speech or cognitive functions. With great support and lots of effort, I began to improve. I graduated from wheelchair to walking frame to stick. I do not use the stick inside the house and my left leg is stimulated by an FES machine (functional electronic stimulus). This helps me walk, even if I do look a bit driven by clockwork. I now go to three exercise classes a week in the hope of improving further. I can also cook, bake and do some small household tasks. I cannot go anywhere independently, but am grateful for what I can do.

Do try to utilise your weak hand and leg whenever you can. Build on the smallest movements you have and stay as positive as you can. I do have down days and still have post stroke fatigue, but I battle on. The brain can regenerate some of the damage stroke causes, although life might not be the same as it was before. I wish you all the best!

Hi Ballard - just sending you good wishes and to let you know I am thinking of you.  I'm sure you will make improvements, and hopefully you will have support from physios to show you exercises to re-gain strength and mobility.  

Take care

Thankyou for all of your replies they have been very positive.

Hi its Lynne again I've had a really full on week my left leg has become swollen again so I have to have a repeat doppler scan on it then I'm going to be measured for compression stockings as the nurses seem to think its because I have no mobility in it