Internet connection

Has anyone else had trouble connecting to this site, I couldn’t connect at all yesterday. I could connect to other sites but not this one.Today seems ok 

I struggle with the layout but I managed to log in yesterday.

its great to chat to people in the same position and share our experience. 

No probs yesterday, other than the usual ... ?

I couldn’t log on at all. Don’t understand it as could log on to other sites. Gremlins at work maybe.

I am having lots of problems with my superfast broadband. Saturday this site was working for me. How odd that you couldnt connect.

Its these sort of problems, and the attempts to correct them, that slaughter my energy levels. 

I had completely the opposite problem.  I could connect to this site with no problem.  But not able to  connect to another website.  NHS emails !

Completely topsy-turvy ? I'm baffled by technology anyway, let alone when it decides not to play ball.  There's always the switch off/on again option!  Or, go for a drive whilst you wait for it to get its act together ?  xx

I could connect to other sites but not to this site. Very strange. It’s alright now and we’ve done nothing different. 

It’s very strange. I use an iPad and could get on all the other sites I regularly use but not this one. We’ll put it down to the weather.


I did the on /off option. Didn’t try the throwing it option, maybe that would have worked. It’s fine now and I’ve not done anything - technology it’s great when it works.



Very true and very tempting x

Good idea!

Hello Ann, my first instruction to colleagues who had problems with IT was to switch everything off, unplug then reconnect. It worked well most of the time. I agree, I often have issues even now though but that’s because we’re ‘at the end of the line’ ie furthest from the BT connection. It’s very irritating so I switch off internet on my iPad, switch off internet on the wall then reboot. 

Hope you have no more problems, Veronica 

Hello Veronica,  

No it’s been ok today. Couldn’t understand why it was only this site I couldn’t connect to. Think it was just a glitch. I tried switching iPad off but it didn’t make a difference. Technology - it’s great when it works. 



Keep on trying! ❤️

Definitely ?