Insurance recommendations for travel

Hi, please can someone recommend a holiday travel insurance company that is reliable and does not cost a arm and leg?
Dolla xx

This may help, but I know little about medical insurance
Compare Stroke Travel Insurance | Medical Travel Compared.

Thank you was still very expensive and would not cover annual.Thank you anyway.

Hi @Butcherd01 - I had my stroke just a month before we should have been going on a five week holiday to South Africa. Obviously this had to be cancelled and I was very relieved that my insurer, Staysure, didn’t quibble and paid everything in full.
At the time I had an annual policy with them. I didn’t travel abroad again for a while and so didn’t renew it. I remember reading on Martin Lewis’ site that an annual policy isn’t always the best option for people with medical issues and to look at getting insurance for individual trips (presume it’s because the insurer can more accurately judge the risk).
Due to the pandemic I’ve only had two overseas holidays since then and both were short-haul. For those I used a comparison site and chose insurance that way. As well as ensuring that existing medical issues are covered it’s crucial now to make sure you have the right level of Covid cover.
I know the cost can be a factor but I would strongly advise that you get cover that will cover you for your individual circumstances.
Sorry this isn’t a recommendation (apart from being happy with Staysure) but I hope you find something suitable.

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Thank you so much for the information that is really helpful. I will have a day on the computer searching before we decide if we can afford the extra money.
Thank you again