I’m on Zicor for high cholestetol post stroke. This is my third statin since my stroke. All have caused side effects and terrible insomnia. Zocor has to be taken in the evening to be effective. I’m at a loss on what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


@mikewayne oh poor you. Insomnia is horrid. I’ve not had any issues with my statins but I wonder if your dr could prescribe you something to break the insomnia habit.

I have a bed time routine that I stick too so my body understands it is bedtime. I used to read which made me sleepy. Some people use lavendar or maybe try some herbal sleeping tablets just to break the cycle.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your message. So far nothing has worked to counteract the statin. It just won’t let me sleep so I keep having fatigue crashes

Thanks for your message. So far nothing has offset the effect of the statin

Mikewayne–I can’t tolerate statins either. My doctor put me on Zetia(estimebe). It is not a statin and works in a different way. I’ve been on it for years with no side effects. The only thing is, it is not as effective as a statin. It only lowers cholestrol 10-20%. However, I feel something is better than nothing. I also take 500 mg Niacin, which helps a little. Jeanne

Good morning.

Some good tips here from others - and I would definitely suggest a chat with your GP is in order. I’m not a medical professional but some family members are. Night-time statins are more likely to cause insomnia given the way they work. But some daytime ones are available too. Worth a shot.

Do give thought to a few other areas too. Eating late can be an unhelpful trigger as too can alcohol. And bedtime routine. Before my TIA, I had to switch my bedtime from 10pm to 11pm. I was waking up too early, sometimes a couple of hours. With bedtime at 11pm, I’d wake anytime from 5am in readiness for my 6am alarm. I appreciate this wasn’t insomnia per se. Ironically I’m back to 10pm post-TIA!



I’ve been on Atorvastatin for 8yrs with any side effects (that I’m aware of).
However I did suffer insomnia after my stroke 2yrs ago and it took me about a year for it to settle into a reasonably normal sleeping pattern again.

Have you tried Kalms Night, they’re a herbal remedy my hubby uses when he has trouble getting off to sleep.
I never even thought to try them myself, as I’m retired I can wait it out getting back to a natural sleeping pattern…I can be very patient and out stubborn my own body’s stubbornness :rofl: