Increasing pain relief

My observations of using gabapentin

I have had a left side ischemic stroke which has left me hemiplegic and loss of left side visual field and leg arm and shoulder pains that cannot be controlled through conventional painkillers.

Initially I started on100 mg of gabapentine 3x daily upto 3x100mg 3 times per day.

I have reached the point of the higher dose being needed as the drug does relieve pain but wears off between doses.

Whilst it is not perfect it is better than nothing.
I will persist as it improves my quality of living

I know that there’s higher doses but this final push to my higher medication will confirm that the drug is doing it’s job will discuss with the GP next week and report back

Good luck everyone.



I hope you find a resolution to this. Of course you do too.
May it come soon.
All the best

Keep on keepin’ on


I assume you’ve been following the thread


It’s got lots of stuff on pain mgmt…


Hope you get it sorted @mrfrederickson horrible being in pain all the time


Yes thanks Bobbi
I hope to find some peace after a horrible 3 years


Yes sadly becoming the accepted new normal were it not for my good limbs I would not know it was wrong

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