My stroke apart from other issues has caused me to incontinent. I am so embarrassed, the bladder and bowel team have been great. I cant be far from a toilet with the day time pads they have supplied (also supplied night time pads.

I get hardly any warning, I get a feeling I need to go for whichever

They tell me to only drink water, sorry but I would prefer to put with it than not be able to drink tea or fizzy juice.

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@a.clare71 hope the bladder & bowel team can improve things for you. I’m not a fan of just water either. Maybe try changing some drinks for water but still have occasional tea & fizzy juice.

Thank you. an appointment has now come through for a bladder physio.

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Pleased you have an appointment. Hope it’s not too long a wait. Good luck with it. I hope they can sort things for you xx

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