"In Bruges"!

Just want to send a positive message to confirm that there is definitely life after stroke.  We have just returned from a 4-day break in Bruges, walked over 4 miles each day (with plenty of pit-stops!) Also managed to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road.  Couldn't have envisaged this a year ago; I know we are extremely fortunate, we've come through some tough times, and I'm still pinching myself to check that this is real - don't know whether to laugh or cry... ?

Thanks once again for all of the support and advice, just want to give something back and to let you know that I couldn't have managed without you all ?


I'm so glad you and your husband had a great time.  You both deserve it xx

That's so kind of you - thanks.  We had such a lot of laughs, the whole trip really has been very good for us ... however, after being looked after in a hotel for a few days, I've become lazy and instead of a proper meal, we've had porridge for supper!! Gggrrrr - just off to kick a small, blond child out of MY chair ?


And I always thought you sounded such a  nice lady.  As well as working in a school. Ha! Ha! 

Hope you got your chair back and it's just right ??????? xx


Glad you and your hubby had a great time. It looks lovely. We were meant to go to Florence in June - it was booked before I had the stroke so maybe we could go there next year. A short break in the UK will have to do for now.

I hope you get to Florence soon, it's a very beautiful city, but as with all cities, there's always lots of walking, often trying to negotiate other pedestrians in narrow busy streets, speedy cyclists, horses and carriages also travelling at quite a speed!!  We managed a lot of walking, but I could see that my husband was quite stressed and overwhelmed at all the 'hazards' which needed to be reacted to.  So make sure you get as fit as you can before you go - build up your stamina, (make sure you have super-comfy footwear, these old cobbold streets are a real challenge!!)  We also booked a hotel in the very centre of the city, so we always had access to a bed!!  Sometimes sitting in a cafe just isn't enough, the seating is often not made for comfort, a decent rest on a soft mattress is a MUST!!  My husband is 14 months post-stroke, and there's no way we could have considered doing this any sooner, and we were only away for 5 days in total.  Make it your goal, it will give you something to strive for and to look forward to.  Best of luck ?