Had another private physio session yesterday and walked 2 length of village hall with quad stick and 2 without!! However I am scared at home to take a step without her at home!!! I am 6 months post stroke an d my left hand feels weird is it too

late for it to come back??

Not too late at all. We are all different, but recovery is at its best for six months and still quite decent for 24 months.

this is of course ever so approximate.

plese keep all you limbs moving. This will ensure your brain knows what is there. 

i do hope your confidence to walk returns to you. Throughout, i always moved on the assumption i would fall. Still do, five years on. 
i know the excellent and wise john jeff suggests that your legs learn to move earlier than your arms.

if you managed the village hall without your stick, then you will soon be edging along. When you get to walk outdoors then life gets much more interesting. 

be positive. Smile. Lots of us are cheering you on.



Thank Colin