Improvements almost a year post stroke

I'm amazed that the horrid stroke fatigue type headaches (tightening at the back of my head and neck, stroke effected side stopping working etc)seem to have subsided, hurrah!! I can actually get to 4pm each day and feel fine, I can wake on a morning wash and dress and eat breakfast and feell unmuddled and positive about the day ahead something not to be taken for granted.

Feels like a wonderful suprise to me it may just be a good period or it might be a permanent improvement either way its making me happy and giving me hope that I may not always have to nap or overly reduce what I do each day that drains my brain.

Just thought I'd post to give others hope. I have started getting better sleep possibly as a fluke result of taking my tablets at different times ie  now take BP meds on a morning and statins and Clopidogril on an evening. I am getting less pain and discomfort in my limbs hands and feet at night so aiding better sleep and less stress over the thought as to whether I'm having another bloomin stroke.

Best wishes to you all and hope we all keep improving as it feels horrid living like Frankenstein's monsters with sewn on limbs due to nerve and circulation problems etc.

Colin you read this I think of you and your words often as I smile each day like you say even when it is forced. I like many on here appreciate my abilities as physical movement speach and functions all could have been effected much more severely but still I want to feel more like the normal person I used to be again. Not that those who know me would ever have described me as normal.

That's fantastic news!  Stroke fatigue is so debilitating and can take over your life completely.  It's also good news that just juggling your medication to different times has had such good results not only on your pain but on your sleep too. A good night's sleep for me means a good day the day after.  Even little things can help... this might sound silly but I always have suffered from cold feet even in a heat wave but it got much worse after my stroke.  I found that sock tops seemed extra tight (even M & S soft top ones) and all the sock seams were driving me mad!  I have discovered bamboo socks! YAY! They are SO comfortable with no seams, smooth insides and non-grip on the ankles. Smooth as silk and absolute heaven and warm feet!  My hubby now thinks I have definitely lost the plot now laugh x

Chuckling away at the socks thing. I wear bed socks often and they help me get to sleep and help with pains. Stroke has effected how much I feel the cold. I like Pringle socks for all the same reasons you likee the bamboo ones, TK Maxx have a good choice! Ha ha can you believe we are talking such things but good to have lighthearted bantar.laugh


How reassuring,  since my stroke in September 2019 I have suffered fatigue, dizziness and problems with my feet although I can walk they constantly trip me up or I have a sensation of unsteadiness.  Pacing oneself is important but I was interested to hear you take your Clopidogrel at night perhaps if I tried this it might help. 

I was a keen walker and am desperate to getting back to doing a long walk gain.  Ever hopeful.smiley



Dear Carole

As I read your post, my heart lifted. You have some relevant recovery and you appreciate it. Then you aso share your news with others. Please have three extra gold stars.

And then you really stun me by referring to my previous posts. Oh wow. What a boost to my morale.

I worked very hard to get the right amount of sleep. It made an enormous difference.

Then I worked at distinguishing sleepy sleep as opposed to stroke nap sleep. Thank goodness I could tell the difference.

I think a lot of your recovery is driven by your determination to get improvement. It is only us who can do that, others can support but its really down to us.

And thank you for reminding me to smile . I have had a bad patch, as I have had to have open heart surgery which doesnt sit very well with stroke recovery. And in this bad patch I havent been smiling. Well I am smiling now and will smile lots lots more.

Thank you

Colin (thats Colin with the big black cat)


Hello Ellen. I had my 4 strokes the same time as yourself. I also have the dreaded fatigue and am very dizzy. I have lost some of my balance also. Walking is very hard it feels like the feet have a life of their own.. I wish you healing to get back walking again. Love judy