Impromptu Zoom Meeting Tomorrow

@SimonInEdinburgh and a few others are getting together tomorrow at 1pm on

So feel free to drop by

Thanks for suggesting @Sass

@DeAnn one to put an alarm on if you’re up to coming by

Here are some flamingos because you’re all fabulous


@BakersBunny @simoninedinburgh and all I will be there…

I’m sure you are aware Lea that the collective name for flamingos is a ‘flamboyance’ as per a ‘murder’ or crows etc.

no cheating but what is the name for polar bears?!?!

a big smile from me if anyone gets it!!!

Oh and a bonus smile for the second less common one!!

K :wink: :polar_bear:

10 facts about polar bears! | National Geographic Kids

JP is sad because there is no specific name for a group of snow leopards - but to be fair to see just one would be special!!! grrrrrr


I know that the collective noun for 'mingos is a flamboyance of :flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo::flamingo:but did you know, @KGB, that babies are called flaminglets? Isn’t that cute?:heart_eyes:

Polar bears have several don’t they? I like the idea of an Aurora followed by a sleuth :grin:


I did not!!! but yes it is!!

Yhey have Aurora and ‘pack’ duh that’s boring and one more.

In the lobby of the Svalbard Hotell (yes 2 l’s) a woman was asking oh I wonder what you call a group of polar bears so I told her the two and she said oh no I’m going to say Aurora as that’s cooler. I agree but I like the second one too!!!

K :wink: :polar_bear:

Polar Bear Eating Habits - Polar Bear Extinction