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Hello wonderful folks,

I got back from my holiday yesterday. EasyJet Assistance brilliant.
Today I got my ears cleaned at Imperial Hearing.
I’m listening to my Hifi and it sparkles !! Bliss !!
It’s been 6 months since they were cleaned last, but I was having to go every 3 months after my stroke; just wax build up. A bit was left on the eardrum, so they used a gentle jet of warm water, and they are pristine, now. I’m not to have a shower for a week, since the natural oils get stripped from the ear. I haven’t heard this well for years ; lifted my mood right up !!

ciao, Roland


Hope you had a fab time away & great that the assistance worked well for you. Even though I need it I always feel guilty using it. Ridiculous really.

I share your joy at having ears cleaned. I have had many occasions when i’ve had too much wax in my ears & boy does it make me grumpy. I am always very happy when they’re cleaned.

Enjoy all those sounds you didn’t realise you couldn’t hear properly :grin:


And little did the folk at Imperial Hearing know that you were going home to put on some wax. Must feel gloriously cleansing. Never done it myself, but have a friend who regularly goes and has his canals retuned.


I was thinking of having my ears done but events yesterday, presumably it would have been worse.

Woke up, didn’t feel too bad. After about an hour, developed a bit of a mushy head, felt really detached and then later in the morning, my hearing went super sensitive.
Whether it was the TV, a plane in the sky, Mrs P on the phone, all were pretty unpleasant. Eating a really nice crunchy bread roll sandwich, it was like my ear was in my mouth listening to every bite.
As the day went on, it changed, it was mostly bass sounds, as though the pressure from those frequencies were difficult for me to process.

I can’t quite get my head round, if cpsp comes about due to a faulty repair, is it possible that as brain cells naturally die and get replaced, more faulty connections are being made ?
Hoping today is less unpleasant


Hi Nigel,

ahh. The unexplained strikes again. My opinion, of course, but hearing does change after stroke (depending on stroke). 1 year ago I couldn’t go to a restaurant because of “cocktail party syndrome”… too much clutter. After having my ears cleaned yesterday, my hearing feels fantastic. My brain has sorted out clutter, my tinnitus is about 25% what it used to be (lower BP now), and my Hifi sounds through the roof (though I don’t play it loud). But after my stroke, I remember bass notes were lacking bass.

Possibly, if you are used to wax, and slightly muffled hearing, a clearing would feel like it’s opened up (hyper sensitivity) . However, you have a history of hyper-sensitivity, so it could be just as you say it is, but I think your impression is (possibly) skewed by this history. I suspect, when you hear sounds in your head, it’s because of wax blocking your canal(s) , since it has just happened to me. The water gets into your ear and mixes with wax, puffing up and blocking an ear, which is a miserable experience. It is so worth checking out. Give them a call, and say it’s urgent.

Good luck, and let us know how you’re doing,
ciao, Roland

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It’s worth getting them checked, Rups.
Costs nothing for a checkup and they’ll tell you how clear ( or not ) they are
£75 to clean both

ciao, Roland


Lea goes to the nurses in the village med centre for nothing & I do mine myself (for nothing, but I’m going to start charging me if that’s the fee for 5mins work!

Glad your finding new joy in your hifi

@Nigelglos hope today is better day



My ears are going to the professionals for this, Simon

What do you do if there’s wax on the eardrum?
Can you see if you’ve cleared it all out?

We’re talking Mozart & Bach, not Simon & Garfunkel
Ciao, Roland

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If your can afford it…

JS or CPE or JC ‘the london’ ?

How about ELP’s Pictures at an Exhibition?



My ears hear up to 14k ; average
EL&P is cool
keep 'em coming !
Ciao, R

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Hi, hope you had a good holiday. We have used Special Assistance on a number of occasions and would highly recommend this service.

I have also had ear microsuction treatment on a number of occasions and have been amazed at the results. It’s expensive but well worth it. Enjoy hearing all of the things you have been missing.

Regards Sue


As @pando says, our hearing can be affected by stroke. About 8mths after mine I started losing my hearing daily. Fine in the morning but would gradually fade to absolutely nothing by the end of the day. That was around the same time the headaches started so doc referred me to both to ENT and neurology. Neither could say what it was all about but I did get hearings aids out of it all and I swear by them :blush: I might have to turn the hearing aids up a notch in the evening but since I’ve had them my hearing has not gone completely deaf in the evenings since. It’s worth getting them checked out, but make an issue of it and get referred to your ENT. I don’t rate the likes of Specsavers, Boots or whoever else when it comes to stroke related. Well actually I just don’t rate them at all for hearing.

I also get my ears cleaned once a year in ENT at the hospital, in fact they only phoned me yesterday to book me in for end of the month.


Today, despite a bit of a repeat of wooly head, hearing has been back to normal. A knife dropped on a plate still irritates but the feeling I was being bombarded by sound is no longer there.

It was odd yesterday, bit like the pressure feeling you get when you go into a tunnel on the train. Rather than muffled sounds it was the opposite. Swallowing something didn’t make a difference.

Hopefully it was a one off, time will tell.

I’m sure between us we could write an encyclopedia type book with odd things post stroke.


Glad your hearing has settled a bit today. I have super sensitive hearing since my stroke & all the things you described above are with me daily. I find it is worse with fatigue. I wonder if that made yours worse?

By coincidence I was at ENT last week for my dizziness but my ears had a thorough check at same time including a hearing test. They told me my hearing is as good as it can get & that is why it is extra sensitive. Knives & forks on plates send me running for the hills. Aaaarrrrgh :grin:

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