It seems to be taking forever to get back to some sort of normality!! My stroke was at Christmas! I'm not sure I can remain hopeful much longer ?!

Dear Jane

Your brain will continue to adjust for about two years. So please keep up your positivity. The alternaive is to sink into a downward spiral of depression and we really really dont want that. Even after two years, you can still  get a huge amount of recovery. Think how many years a child takes to learn what it needs to achieve adulthood.

you will not go back to how you were. But you will achieve recovery, as you put it "some type of normality".

when recovery gets moving, it is wonderful.

keep smiling

best wishes


Jane, my stroke was September 2020, every stroke is different and recovery speed seems unique to each and every one of us. At the moment my reduced respiratory drive is causing me great discomfort every day, and it is almost impossible to ignore it, but there are tiny glimmers of reprieve and I cling to those moments heartily. It's about all I can do besides distract myself like mad. Every day seems to be about managing a plethora of disquieting feelings, through what normally would be day-to-day pleasantness. Time will console, and we will gradually learn how to dismiss or compensate our limitations. Sometimes, cussing and swearing helps for me, cussing triggers the amygdala in the cerebrum which increases adrenaline, in turn relieving distress. 

it does seem  like that doesnt it ? but think back to the first day after your stroke or the time of your stroke, there will be differences no matter how small or significant those differences are victories to you. there is no magic pill to make you begin to feeling better, so take the little victories as and when they arrive jane.and dont be put off by other peoples eperiences we are all differnt and work differently.