ImpACT Stroke- A survey of a carer-facilitated therapy (ACT) for eHealth delivery in stroke

**This message is relevant to those who have been affected by stroke**


Dear stroke community,

We are a team of researchers from Queen's University Belfast involved in researching interventions that might be used in the area of stroke care. We are currently investigating how a talking therapy called acceptance and commitment therapy, or ACT, can be used by stroke survivors, with help from informal carers. We want to deliver the therapy online so that it can reach as many people as possible who might benefit. We need help from those affected by stroke to improve ACT so that it can be used to help stroke survivors adjust to the challenges of stroke.

We are offering stroke survivors and carers the opportunity to be involved by completing an anonymous online survey or to take part in an interview – you may choose to be involved in BOTH research activities (survey AND interview) depending on your preference.

STROKE SURVIVORS and CARERS - please help us to improve ACT by completing this anonymous online survey. You can also help us by SHARING the survey link with those you think might be interested via social media, using support networks you may be involved with, or via email. The survey is expected to last less than 15 minutes (link immediately below):

Alternatively, STROKE SURVIVORS, CARERS or PERSONNEL WORKING in STROKE CARE can help by participating in an interview (over the telephone or using video calling). Interviews are expected to last approximately 30 minutes and will be carried out informally. You can arrange an interview by completing the interview sign-up form below OR by contacting the project researcher directly (contact details below).

Interview sign-up:


Researcher contact details:

Contact person: Dr. Sean O'Neill


Telephone: 07599440564



ImpACT team: Dr Noleen McCorry, Prof. Martin Dempster, Dr. Emma Berry, Dr. Sean O'Neill, Ms Victoria England.