Im lost

Hi, im new to the group and to stroke. My mum suffered a stroke in feb 2020, at first it was TIA then after being discharged from hospital, suffered a much bigger stroke the next day. For me, as an only child, it is heartbreaking. I feel like my world has been torn apart. My mum and i are very close, she has been my rock and now the roles have reversed. She has right side weakness, noo use of right arm and her speech is affected. Before this she was fit and well and active. My dad is in bad health and my mum has just lierally done everything for him. Im now carer for both and im wondering if i am able to cope? We have carers in a morning and evening, just to help with personal care. But only for my mum, its down to me to cook, clean, shop and bathe. I would do anything to help and support my mum and due to covid, any aftercare and therapy is nil. Its nice to be able to air off and know maybe im not alone?

Thank you, i appreciate that. x

You are definitely not alone. I had to call 999 for my mum. She spent 5 weeks in hospital. She was released with a care package from STEP but has convinced them she doesn't need them. They're supposed to go in 3 times a day to ensure medication has been taken & she has had a meal. She keeps forgetting how to turn the tv over & even forgot to turn her oven on. I'm once again left to do her care as well as trying to work from home . It's all a bit daunting x

Hi I know it's really hard to stay positive at the moment but fingers crossed you will get the help and support you need very soon. If your mum has a social worker, get in touch with them and tell them your mum needs more help. My mum has carers in 4 times a day, I work full time it's a challenge some days and I often feel like I have no control over my life anymore. My mum was like your mum so active and very independent and had more energy than me! Now and again we are being told what to do and I find it distressing. Please don't give up take each day as it comes x


Im in similar situation like you with my brother. He is still in hospital after strong stroke with no movements on right side and speech is poor. I can't visit because of locdown ?i know i have to be strong sister but sometimes all emotions explode. I hope soon everything will be better and i will be able to visit him and you get more help to your parents. 

Tave care?


Hi there my oh who is my rock had a stroke on the 3rd April. He came out of hospital 2 weeks ago the covid is a nightmare. I have had to learn transfers etc pretty fast as with no visiting in hospital they have had to teach me how to help him. We now have carers in three times a day. Once in morning to get my oh out of bed and showered I was doing it on my own until Tuesday just gone. A visit at lunch time incase we need anything but been OK and a visit in evening to wash and get ready for bed. My oh has very limited movement on right side. He is also under esd which got told today finishes in 3 weeks he has physio Mon to Fri mornings plus speech therapy 4 days a week he has aphasia. My heart goes out to you take any help offered I thought I would able to do it but have now took the help and it's helped enormously. I hope things will ease soon for you. Stroke after effects are horrible.