Ill-health retirement advice


 I am new to this forum having recently got in touch about problems returning to work. I had a stroke 8 months ago and attempted to go back to work at 5 and a half months post stroke. I have quite a stressful safeguarding job in the NHS and despite a well supported phased return I am on sick leave again after struggling with fatigue and concentration problems. I have decided that ill health retirement is my best option and my GP is happy to support this. I have been researching this and realise that I need to make sure that I have all the right evidence in place to ensure that this is accepted. I have asked my GP for a referral back to the stroke consultant as some online sites suggest that the panel who look at each application may not necessarily accept information from my GP(don't know yet if she'll agree to do it). Does anyone have experience of applying for ill health retirement particularly in relation to making sure I get all the relevant evidence to submit?

Try this link. They also give free advice.