I would like to make friends with other SS

Is anyone interested in making friends on here? I know in recent posts the response has been great and in reading other posts your all wonderful at supporting everyone. I just feel low and alone and thought maybe making friends with other SS might help me. Please feel free to friend request me (I think that’s how it works on here) or reply to this post. I hope many other SS on here are looking to make friends with others who truly understand. Thank you Sam x

Hi Sam  -  I'm sure there are SSs on this site who would readily extend the hand of friendship. The lovely thing about this site, is that I pretty much regard everyone as a friend, I have received such help and insight into stroke, and everyone has been so lovely and generous with their support.  I think some would suggest maybe seeking out a Stroke group in your local area.  On this site you have such a range of experiences - very young to more advanced in years, TIAs to full blown stroke, recent SS and those who are years down the road to recovery - you will certainly find someone who completely understands your situation.  They will cheer you on, and lift you up when you're down, you need not feel alone ?.

Keep posting and checking, you will receive replies and it will feel like the best hug you've ever had.

Take good care, stay strong  xx  ?

Hi Sam, my name is Sheena,  i had my stroke in January 2018 in left basal ganglia and have balance issues,  right side weakness,  chronic fatigue and cognitive issues (amongst other things! ). Im not on here daily but i often come on here to ask advice and see how other SS are getting on. I fully understand what u r going through. Im coming up to my first anniversary soon when it first happened and i still need support from those who truly understand . Everyone on here is your friend and most people will reply to a question you post.  sometimes we just need to vent lol! take care x 

Oh and Asphasia! ! Lol 

I had my stroke in October as a result of emergency heart surgery, would like to make friends 

Dear Sam

We are all here for you. Yes of course you feel low, its almost compulsory after a stroke. The stroke does cause waves of depression to waft over you and you need to fight those waves away. Depression is the last thing you need on top of the recovery stuff.

Quite honestly I dont know how this site works. The association promise the site will be changed soon. So asking you to be a friend doesnt seem to do much.

There is so much to learn about stroke recovery. Every stroke is different but lots of the symptoms are common to many of us.

I received help when I first had a stroke and I think those that wrote advice were my angels. I dont know how I would have staggered through the early months without my angels. You are right, only another SS can possibly understand what you are going through.

Be positive

Smile (amazing what a help that is)

Lots of us are here, you are not alone.


hi sam i had my stroke last april when i went 6 weeks later for my results found out i had a irregular heartbeat thats what caursed it that was a shock but am on tablets and feel great get tired a lot hope your ok

Hi Sam, I had my stroke in October 18 so recently ,I had emergency heart surgery which caused my stroke, I'm recovering quickly but would like friends that know what it's like ,all my family say is you are doing so well ,but nobody understands how hard all this has been x

Hi nicola I get that awe you looking better we will soon see the old you well infact I want to scream at them n say I won't be my old self any more that person gone n live we me for a couple of days n tell me I'm doing and looking better they not got a clue x

Everybody thinks because I'm home now after 10 weeks im ok now ,it's the hardest 10 weeks of my life ,getting better but still not back to myself ,feel so tired doing the slightest thing xx

Hi Nicola, I had 2 strokes in 2003 and I still tire at the slightest thing, there are days when I feel like I did just after the strokes. I was told stroke recovery could take up to 2 years after which there will be little or no more improvement.  My aswe to your friends would be to help support you while you recover, dont beat yourself up and rest when you need to rest the rest will happen when it happens.

Hello friend to be, I and others on here will know exactly what you mean, we all need someone who knows exactly what we are talking about. So I look forward to talking to you soon. regards Jenny xx

My stroke was a side effect of emergency heart surgery ,was left with left side weakness ,which has improved loads ,I have also lost most of the vision in my left eye ,it's only been 11 weeks so I'm doing well ,just so tiring doing the smallest thing ,everything is an effort, kids have been amazing, can't say the same for everyone else ,they think I'm out of danger so everything is fine x

Hi there i had my stroke in September and know how you feel about at times feeling low and alone. Well I have just joined this wonderful site and am amazed and impressed with the amount of help is here. I don't feel as isolated as I did, due to seeing like minded people who I could chat to and know. they understand. I need the social interaction to make me come out of my shell.

  So messege with your story or anything you want to say or ask. I'm a chatterbox when i get going. Good luck with your ongoing recovery maybe chat soon.

Chris a fellow survivor. X

Thats a long spell away. Now you get along the long slow road of recovery. Sounds like you have SF, which so many of us suffer. The medical term is "post stroke tiredness" and there doesnt seem much understanding of this problem in the medical world.

No, you are not recovered nor are you anywhere near recovered. I suggest that nine months is the minimum recovery time and many of us its a lot, lot longer. We do get better recovery in the first two years and it is important that you take advantage of the better recovery period. But then after two years there is still recovery. Its just likely to be even slower. 

I suggest that you need to  accept that your recovery will not take you back to your pre stroke self. There is old Nicola and then there will be "new Nicola". Due to the appalling support for stroke, few seem to understand. You will loose many friends and family. 

If you could keep a diary, just a few words, then you can trace the recovery. It is sop slow that its hard to see any recovery, so the diary helps. Keep looking at what you an do and not at what you can not. If you fight the tiredness then you can set yourself back. Your brain needs rest. It is rewiring (medical term neuro plasticity) to get arund the bit of your brain that has been zapped. It also needs extra water, so keep hydrated. Only another SS understands what you are going through. Thats why this forum is so important.

Be positive

Smile a lot.

You are not alone, lots of us are here for you


Dear Jenjen

I am sure there is recovery after 2+ years. Things are quicker for up to 2 years but never ever give up. Our brains are amazing and we need to help our brains towards recovery.

Do you ever have periods of clarity ? And how do you cope with the never ending exhaustion ? Do you get a few hours of activity and if so is that in sessions of an hour several times a day or is it one session ? Several SS say they get by OK until mid day. My OK periods are very short but  do get OK periods throughout the whole day.

I hope that the current interest in ME might lead towards discoveries that will help us. Severe ME does seem very much akin to SF.

It upsets me that lots of attention is being directed at mental health and heart diseases but stroke gets left out. What is about strokes that we get so little help and support ?

Best wishes


Thank you nice to know there are others that understand what I'm going through ,luckily my stroke was only a small one ,which was a side effect of emergency heart surgery, physically I'm much better, just the tiredness and lack of strength ,and loss of sight in my left eye ,that's still bothering me ,I know it will be a long time until I feel more like me again ,or a near version of me ,all this has been so hard x

A stroke is a stroke. Part of you brain is zapped and its permanent. Very nice of you to accept that other strokes are worse, but I dont think a small stroke is quite the way to think. Given your additional heart problem, your medical situation is gigantic and should not be belittled.

You will encounter a lot of ignorance and you will also soon come across the "but you look well" brigade.

I too have recovered well from most of the physical stuff, but the SF and other cognitive issues are not going well.

And I didnt loose sight. Do try to accept that new Nicola is in there somewhere and thats what you will be. A new person. 

So much to learn.

Best wishes



Yes you are right ,I think I need to accept this is the new Nicola, nearly didn't make it because of my heart (burst aeortic anurism )I will never be quite the way I was , but with support I will get better as much as possible ,and enjoy my second chance at life x

Dear Nicola

You may well have had an enlightening moment when you got close to passing away. I clearly recall leaving my body. A major moment.

Thats one aspect. The other aspect is that your brain has a bit that iis no longer working. The rest of your brain works to cover for the damaged bit. (neuro plasticity) so we can not possibly be the same as before. 

So we need to be that different person.

Also, you were chosen to survive and you were close to not surviving. So you are a special chosen person. New Nicola is a wonderful person.

So pleased you are accepting your new existence. Took me a long time to twig this.

Best wishes