I would like to know about people's experience with pregabolin

Can pregabolin effect your ability to walk? or anything other symptoms.

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I’ve been on Pregabalin for about 6 months (started low and now maxed out at 600mg/day) and initially I thought that it was affecting gait so I ramped back down and found no difference. I therefore don’t believe that it was affecting gait for me but I know that this is a reported low probability side affect, as it is for gabapentin and other drugs that we get prescribed.

My gait has varied a lot since my stroke but I believe that this is simply because I had no sensations at all to start off with, then pain came so I used that as a sensation to allow me to walk and over the past 3 months I think that I am starting to get some sensation back (both touch and propriception) so each time I get an improvement I have to re-learn how to walk using this new sensation.


Loshy - I take gabapentin, I asked the doctor if I could up the dose to take one at night and one in the day as I thought it was to stop my leg spasms, he seemed to think it will not help, but if I wanted to take another I could. May I ask how it helps you? cheers


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I have recently been prescribed Levetiracetam for my (possible) post-stroke epilepsy following some emergency tegretol that a Norweigen doc prescribed me.

On both I have quite a few side effects - worst one appetite loss and fatigue but I think I am getting used to them… My doc tell me that we have to keep trying various ones maybe to get one that works for me. but i’m sticking with the leve for the moment!

I hope to find out more in my next neurology consultation in March 2024 :astonished: :astonished:

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