I stupidly Googled

Oh hell.....I google about the type of stroke I had now I'm terrified..........anybody else had a bleed rather than a blockage?


Stuart, Yes, mine was a bleed. I am not sure why you are terrified.

I read the NHS page about this type of stroke and the mortality rate is horrendous!!! as I aready said I have dont have any impairments that are obvious but I'm really frightened something big is going to happen....... cant stop paniking which is not doing my blood pressure any good....Sorry Jeff I feel quite pathetic!!

No, you are not pathetic. Your fear is very understandable. However, please remember I am still here four years after my bleed. The chief danger period is a month after the stroke. When I had mine I thought I would die, but I didn't. We survive for a reason. However, recovery from a stroke caused by a bleed is known to be slower. I am still in the process of recovery and have to work at it every day.

My medication was adjusted after my stroke in order to get my blood pressure down. Nowadays it is reasonable stable. For the first two years I gave up alcohol and changed my diet. For a long time I had good days and bad days, but for the last year I have felt much more 'me'. Now 76, I know my time left is limited, but I intend to work on improvement till I drop.

Please stay positive. Whilst I miss some of my old life a lot, my stroke has taught me to value each day and use my time left on earth as wisely as I can. Never give in to fear, it is counter productive.

Hi Stuart, yes I did in May 2019.  No point in being terrified, it doesn't change anything and you are here and talking about it so it can't all be bad.


Just as John explains, the mortality is heavy in month one. You have passed that stage. You have survived. Dont be terrified. Try to accept and be pleased that you are chosen to live. 

Things improve every month or two. Your recovery is in your own hands, which is good. Think about what you can do and not what you can not.

There are good things about stroke recovery. Lovely day time naps of a quality that common naps do not have. Watching day time TV. Reading the book you never had time for. Finding that you can achieve the next milestone in your recovery.

Be positive. Smile, then smile again

Lots of us are here for you


Thanks Colin...........

Thanks Joan...............


Hi. I had a bleed one 15 months ago. Still here and mostly doing what I did before! Some limitations, but can deal with those. As someone else said you are still here. All any of us can do is try and keep positive (not always easy), set small goals and go from day-to-day. Remember you are a survivor! Jackie

Hi, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage last April which if you read about it only has a 15% survival rate with no disability, I am one of the lucky ones! I think it's human nature to read up about what's happened to you but yes some of it is scary. Good luck with your recovery x

Hi Stuart,

I suffered from a haemorragic bleed to the lower ganglian region of the brain in 2017, and I like you freaked out.  However I had a fantastic medical team and loving family who helped get me through, in fact are still helping me get through.  I set myself goals and try to better them, my biggest success to date being able to walk my daughter down the aisle and passing over her hand as I promised her I would.  I lost the use of my whole left hand side.

I have only joined this site this afternoon & have spoken to more people who survived bleeds than in the last two years.  As my classes taught me the stroke has happened & I can't change that, but I can influence what happens going forward. We are all Stroke Survivors. 

Good Luck & Regards,


Hi Katy.....thanks for taking the time to reply, my lack of information on what had happened to me made me take to the internet  for information....in my case was the wrong thing to do.I had a visit from the stroke nurse today who explained in great detail what what had happened to me and the plans for me...this has settled me down and helped me plan forward. 

Thanks for taking the time to reply.....all you guys are putting me to shame as I seemed to have escaped without any obvious physical impairments..... I had my first visit from my stroke nurse today who explained what has happened inside my head.....a small bleed in the frontal lobe....the part that controls our emotions etc....makes sense to me now. She explained the plans for my treatment which is basically phsycological therapy, this has made me feel much better and more positive ........take care....Stuart

Not a problem and you certainly are not putting yourself to shame, a stroke of any kind is still a stroke and will leave its mark however big or small.  You can probably tell from the late hour of my reply I have been left with sleeping problems for one thing sad

Stuart, No need to feel ashamed. I'm glad you have now been reassured and have both an explanation and a way forward. None of us understand our brains and how a bleed can have a major impact on all sorts of things, depending on where the bleed or clot occurs. Enjoy your life, as you have been spared to do just that.

You can't do much better than use this site for help and support - you will find lots of generous people who can share their experiences and help you to navigate stroke.

Take care xx