We recently received information about "Improving Primary Care After Stroke".  This is a piece of research being carried out (jointly - I think) by University of Cambridge and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.  My husband was put forward by our GP practice, and will become part of a trial looking at a new service for SS.  To date he has just had to complete some paperwork - a questionnaire which asks you to rate certain statements.  Hopefully it may lead to improvements in the future.

I don't really know where this will lead, but wondered whether anyone else has been contacted?  (We live in Norfolk, and our GP practice is often involved in studies, and takes an active part in training medical students, linked to the local teaching hospital, so we're very lucky that we have a forward looking team).  

That's great! I'm a bit biased as in my pre - stroke life I am an Oncology Research Nurse. 

I've learnt that the best way to move " patient " care forward is to listen to the patient and their families. Not rocket science really. 

Your surgery must be very proactive to participate in regular Research Trials lucky you! 

Hopefully your husband will feel that by participating he is making a significant and worth while contribution to moving care forward for his fellow S.S's. 

Thank you both xx



That’s interesting and coincidental! I had a stroke on Valentines Day this year and have now have a preliminary diagnosis of cancer! We cover both bases in different roles.

unfortunately it’s taking a very long time to get cardio clearance for more exploration of the lungs via bronchoscopy. 

So sorry to hear of your double dose of health problems, especially when you're still left in the dark waiting for further info. 

I hope you get good news soon.  Stay strong and keep in touch, there are lots of wonderful people on this site who will be able to advise you and offer support.

Take care 

We know that we are indeed very fortunate to have such good primary care.  In return we have tried to support our GPs by offering to be "guinea pigs" when they have medical students on placement - it's not much but hopefully it helps them to become the great doctors of the future smiley

You must miss your nursing role, but maybe one day you may return in some capacity - I hope so.

Best wishes x


Yes! I do miss my job.  With support I'm looking forward to a phased return very soon. As my role is office based and I can do the necessary tasks I should be able to go back as soon as my managers agree. Keeping my fingers crossed xx 

Crossing my fingers too!  My husband is office based (running his own business), he scheduled his own phased return - starting from literally just half an hour, to full days (plus!) he's now 1 year post-stroke.  The build up was quite slow to begin with, lots to cope with etc, but I suddenly realised he was still working when I got home from my day at school - so if you're slow and steady you should make good progress, but don't forget stroke fatigue (as if ...), and the expectations others will have, as you will seem outwardly ok.  Maybe because you're hospital based colleagues will have an understanding of fatigue, especially as you're based in Oncology. 

Very best wishes xx