I,m new to this

i,m 59 and had a stroke in june and im from swansea 

when i came home from hospital i could,nt walk my whole right was,nt working, i had feeling but i  was,nt able to move anything on the right side

i had physio for 6weeks when i came out of hospital thats all the time that they were allowed but they were marvellous, they got my leg working

so i could walk a bit around the house but i have a strap around my ancle an it connects to the shoe it raises my foot because of drop foot but i

go out for short walks,my arm just started to move and my thumb on my right hand,so im hopeing this is the start of getting better 

does anyone know why my shoulder hurts when i move my arm certain ways, it just started a few weeks ago and is stopping me from doing the exercise, ive watched stroke exercise videos which say that

if you get  pain to stop what your doing.

i can,t wait to drive again so the quicker i get arm working the happier i,ll be.

i just cant get the hand to move,time and patience at least im out of bed and getting about..

Dear Davey

thats good progress for about 4 months.

one key is to get every muscle to move. If the muscle doesnt want to move then concentrate all your attention to that muscle, just a minute will do.

the nhs follow up, after the excellent six weeks, was just about nil. A local voluntary group, jolly good, and free relax classes at the village church, jolly good. I then paid for seated yoga, excellent. Unless you find virtual sessions, then this wretched corona really does leave you stranded. I feel so sorry for the class of 2020.

was yours a bleed ? Onthe left side of the brain ? I am right sided clot, the most common of the full strokes. But as our recoveries progress the type of stroke becomes less relevant.

i am pretty well recovered. Things do improve and you are well down that trail. Well done Davey

besy wishes



i had a clot on the left side of the brain but they cought it early so i feel lucky not bed ridden.

Me too Davey, luckily my wife only works round the corner so she was home in minutes, called an ambulance and I was in hospital in around 40 minutes, the doctor told me that was why I was able to recover so quick. I was rushed to hospital on the Sunday and discharged on the Friday, still a bit wobbly on my legs but I feel so very lucky not to have been wheelchair bound.

Hello Davey

I had  my stroke in January this year and, like most people following stroke, am finding recovery a challenge and very slow. When in hospital the physiotherapists explained that some people following stroke suffer subluxation in their weak shoulder and that this was the case with my shoulder. There's a video on this site which covers the subject. There are exercises which can be done to strengthen the joint. The pain I get feels to be in the tendons in my arm. Do watch the video in case it might help you understand what is going on with your shoulder. Do you receive physio? If you do, they might be able to help you. I do shoulder shrugs and this seems to have helped in my case.

Good luck and hope things improve.

Best wishes,

Anne. Xx

thank you for replying,ill have a look at the video not used to this site yet and useing my left hand is all new to me aswell 

thank you for your reply

Hi Davey

Hope you find the video; on reflection, I think it's entitled 'shoulder pain', so hope it helps you. I also omitted to say I sleep with a pillow under my weak shoulder and that seems to help a bit. It must be difficult if you're right handed and have to use your left hand. I'm lucky in that I'm right handed so can still use it. However, having learned to touch type 60 years ago, it's diffcult now typing with one hand - I make lots of mistakes which need correcting before I post anything; I've made numerous errors in this before finally sending. Occasionally, I've written a reply to someone only to lose it before posting. I don't know what happens but it just disappears from the screen?

Good luck to your with recovery, I know what a struggle it is.

Best wishes,

Anne xxx