I’m in this forum that I never thought I would be

As others have said this isn’t somewhere I ever expected to be in my 76th year and reading others posts I’m feeling very very lucky.
I had a TIA while driving and pulling a big caravan but again with luck I’d just pulled into a service area off a motorway but still moving. I started started to get flashing lights and then lost half the vision in my eye, had the most extreme panic attack, stopped in a safe area and took my wife’s advice to just relax. Ha ha, easier said than done. I closed my eyes and tried to stop my heart jumping out of my chest and after about three minutes everything returned to normal. I just thought it was my eye so continued my 200 mile drive home. Called the optician the next morning and she said get to the doctors asap. Long story short and fantastic service from the NHS I had emergency surgery four days later to clear a 90% blocked carotid artery. That was fun under local anaesthesia for 2 1/2 hours. Lol. The stroke consultant shook my hand and said I’d been a very lucky man. Agree.
Three months have now gone by and other than general tiredness, terror of having another tia and vision that seems to go weird when I get stressed or after about 15mins steady walking I’m absolutely fine. I only had to stop driving for a month. I’m sure the multitude of medication which seems to be the norm, clopidogrel, statins, bp tabs etc make me feel muzzy a lot of the time or is that after effects of the TIA?
Anyway, that’s lucky me and nice to be in this very informative group.


Hi & welcome to the forum @Jaytee sorry you’ve had cause to join us but now you’re here I hope you find it helpful & supportive.

It must have been scary experiencing that whilst towing a caravan. Good that you took notice of the warning sign & after your operation things will hopefully settle down for you.

I had a stroke caused by a carotid artery dissection & had a fuzzy head for many months. Whilst it improved I still have issues & some days it’s as bad as ever. It could be your meds or could be your TIA causing it. If it doesn’t settle see your GP or speak to a pharmacist as if it is your meds they can look at alternatives for you. If it’s your TIA it should ease in time.

The fear of it happening again is normal & should ease with time. I suspect the vision issues you get are probably a result of doing a bit too much this early in your recovery.

Sending you my best wishes



Hi @Jaytee

Welcome the best club in town that as you have already observed has no aspiring members! Now you’re here I’m confident you’ll find it a useful and supportive place while you and your family are adjusting to being #StrokeWarriors

General people find they are now on quite a journey - I hope yours is smooth :slight_smile:

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