I have no hobbies or interests since my stroke

I guess that being a zoomable lens will make it slower (less light transmission)

WRT ev; cameras often have a control to add or subtract from the stop value by ⅓ ⅔ or 1 when using auto mode. So adjusting the exposure when the cameras software would get it wrong in fully automatic, aperture priority, shutter priority - EG photographing a snowy scene software will generally under expose it because the assumption in the software is of balance not of a very white scene.



I wish I had seen this post earlier! Hello, Steve and Simon. I always learn something when there is talk of photography. A pre-stroke interest of mine.

Like you, Steve, I have had no real hobbies since stroke with the exception of swimming when I am able to get to a pool, but even that has been more about my recovery than pure enjoyment these days.

One of my strokes was right thalamic (hemorrhagic). I was unaware of the sleep issue. I have sleep issues but after 2.5 years they finally seem to be a little more normal now.

I suffered a concussion very many years back and my sleep reminded me of that. I just couldn’t…at all. I was awake 5 days straight, until the doctor gave me Amitriptolene (however you spell it). I was excitable and agitated for about 2 weeks, rarely sleeping, even with the help. I suppose I thought of my sleep until lately as kind of the same thing, so I learned something from you.

I used to have many hobbies, none of which are very important to me anymore. I don’t really miss them much.

Somewhere along the line recently, I remembered that just like pre-stroke, I decide who I am, and I decide what interests me, what I believe, what I want to do or be in this world. And that made me stop missing old me. It isn’t like I was overly content with her, either…I just was familiar with her. There were no real surprises because I knew how she would react. She was dependable/reliable in a way I was comfortable with more than content with.

Now I am completely free to be a new me. Mostly without preconceived notions of who that is. I know I was way faster before, but I actually have more time now, so why must I be fast? I no longer work, and I am no longer truly responsible for feeding, clothing, housing others, so there are really no expectations I have to live up to. That is wonderfully free-ing.

Perhaps I am the lucky one, after all. How many people get this opportunity?


That seems a post about realising that all that really binds us is attitude not circumstances. It is thought provoking and I feel deeply philosophical

Reminds me of the apocryphal tale of the slick city wizkid who finds a sleeping fisherman in his nets on a warm summer’s day and proceeds to explain how if he was out fishing he would earn more money, could buy more boats, employ people and the fishermen says “why?” and the wizkid says “so youd be rich enough that you could sleep in the midday sun”

A path we would not choose perhaps may have led us to a place that if we have the ability to see it has all the richness we would wish for


Exactly like that. He can sleep in the sunshine if he choosed, whether wealthy or poor. Probably has more time for it in the latter category, so long as he fishes enough to feed himself and family if he has one. I have much less cleaning to do these days because I am more careful not to make a mess I can’t clean up. I didn’t really have to be careful before as I worked faster, didn’t tire as easily and could go without sleep for long periods of time to get caught up if I was behind. Perhaps that did not help at all with that blood pressure! And perhaps not stressing myself to that level consistenly might have been a better stroke deterrent. Who knows? But I do know, I am in no hurry to get that stress and level of achievement or productiveness back. I’m not a rat and I am not racing to my finished line.